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Use a Pet Cam to Monitor Your Dog!

Updated on February 28, 2013
What does your sweet doggie do when you are at work?
What does your sweet doggie do when you are at work?

Pet Cams are a wonderful way to monitor your dog (or if you wish, your cat) while you are not home. Just as some people set up wireless surveillance cameras in and around their home in order to protect themselves from intruders, pet cams are used to check up on Fido so that you can find out exactly what he is up to when you are at work or running errands. Personally, I do not own a pet cam; however, it would be interesting to see what my dogs do all day while I am gone. If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on sleeping! Installing a pet cam to monitor my cat, Norman…would pretty much be a waste of good money as I already know what he does all day….NOTHING!

I guess you could say I am lucky as I have dogs that are well behaved and don't cause trouble the second I close the door on the way out of the house. Some people have "issues" when it comes to their furry, four-legged friends and pet cams are a great way to get the "inside poop," oops, I mean "scoop" on exactly what is going on in your dog's world (when you aren't home to witness the behavior).

Monitor your pet while at work!
Monitor your pet while at work!

Live Line Pet Surveillance

Live Line, for example, is an easy to use home surveillance systems that allows you to see what is going on within your home from ANYWHERE in the world. HOW, you ask?! The internet, of course! Live Line features real-time monitoring that you can view from any computer or even your mobile telephone! It also offers automatic and time lapse recording (which means if you can't watch live every second of the day, you can review the recorded feed later). This is wonderful as I don't know anyone who can actually sit at a computer all day long and watch their dog on a monitor…just waiting for something to happen! Live Line does not require any special software…you simply access your account through any standard internet browser.

Pet Cams Will NOT Solve Your Dog's Issues!

Many dogs have issues. This is not to say that they are BAD dogs…they just need a little extra time and attention in order to figure out their problems. Dogs that have issues tend to act out when their owners leave the house. They either bark non-stop and annoy the neighbors, trash your couch pillows, or simply invite all of the neighborhood dogs over and throw a wild party complete with gambling and beer drinking. I'm not making that last one up. I've seen the picture. But, you get my point. If you are constantly coming home from work to a chewed up pair of shoes or a destroyed couch pillow…installing a pet cam may be a good idea. However, all the pet cam will do is show you what your pooch is actually up to all day; it will not fix your problem! The pet cam may show what is triggering your pet's outrageous doggie behavior but you will need to travel into your dog's psyche to figure out the solution!

Put a camera on your dog's collar and see where he goes!
Put a camera on your dog's collar and see where he goes!

Pet's Eye View Camera

Another interesting doggie gadget that I came across was the National Geographic Pet's Eye View Camera. While this "pet gadget" doesn't necessarily fall into the wireless surveillance camera category it is quite interesting…not to mention, fun! Basically, the Pet's Eye View Camera is worn around your dog's neck via his collar. It is a compact, extremely durable digital camera (and yes, it is waterproof too!). You simply clip it on to your dog's collar and then set him free. Ok, don't REALLY set him free or you will need a dog GPS system to find him…but you get the idea. The tiny camera will take photos of…well…whatever your pup happens to be around at the time. My guess is that you will end up with a lot of photos of bushes, dirt and the ground…but hey, still kind of cool!

Over all, pet cams can really come in handy if you are having trouble with your dog while you are not at home. As I mentioned before, pet cams will only show you what your canine is up to. It will be up to YOU to figure out how to help your dog so that he discontinues his "mad dog" behavior! If you are interested in a true security camera to protect your property, a pet cam, unfortunately, is not what you are looking for. If anything, pet cams fall into the "cool doggie gadget category" and will most likely, simply provide you with recorded footage of .well, your dog sleeping. Woof!

Have some time to spare? Please visit my doggie website: You will love it!


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    • Danielle Woerner profile image

      Danielle Woerner 7 years ago from Global via internet

      Hi, this was an enjoyable article. Will be writing about my own adorable Havanese sometime soon. (I close a lot of doors in the house when I go out...maybe why I haven't needed a petcam just yet!)

    • KTD336 profile image

      KTD336 7 years ago from where ever i am

      Interesting a pet cam it would have been a perfect way to see how my kitten lost her ear