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We Called Him Billy

Updated on January 25, 2019

A tribute to my first best friend

1. He was the very first to make friends with li'l old me

I was just Nine when he taught me about friendship, you see

I had gone to be with my aunt for the holidays in the country hilly

And in the boredom was a bundle of excitement called BILLY.

Why he was so named, I really couldn't tell

But one thing I knew, he loved me - oh, so well

Having been bullied for so long at School

It was a relief to meet a friend so cool.

Believe it or not, we got on well together

He sat with me whenever I was under the weather

Never said a word - just looked at me with wisdom

And I just sort of knew he was the best pal in my kingdom

A knowing sneeze was all it took to get my attention

Wise old Billy never spoke much - he was all action.

2. After the hols, I couldn't wait for school to go on recess again

I had now found the best recipe for me to sustain my brain

We took walks together when we both felt too lonely

and without speaking we just loved each other's company.

My aunt would always remark on our growing friendship -

That such a bond could withstand any hardship

He taught me courage in the face of deathly fear

And the nights were no longer times of apprehension or tear

I never for once missed my parents throughout the holidays

Because no matter the dark clouds, he helped me see the Sun's rays

Billy was a friend like no other in existence

Even cats could sit without fear in his presence

I never thought the day would ever come

that Billy would leave me lonely - and then, some.

3. I did not believe the stories I heard

That my friend was old and would soon be dead

I made up images of how I wanted him to be

Running with my kids, playfully chasing them up a tree

I didn't read the signs between the clear lines - as it used to be of old

That when Billy always sought warmth, it wasn't just to drive away the cold

I weep because I didn't give him as much comfort

As he sacrificed his time to guard me so well - my cohort

One day I came for the holidays as usual

Called his name as I used to do - so casual

They told me then he was gone to a better place

And in madness, around the entire compound did I race

Then I found where they had laid him to rest so quietly

My poor, loving, first best friend - BILLY!

I never got over Billy and I have never been able to buy any pet. I still cherish the moments I spent with him and I plead with all who hate or maltreat their pets to please desist. It's hurtful and stupid to be cruel to animals - they have so much love to give if taught properly. Billy lived to be 27 years old before he died in a flood. I'll always cherish his memory -That's all I have left of him. I do not think I'll ever own a pet because it seems like a betrayal loving another pet as much as I loved Billy. He died when I was 11 and I am 33 now but still feeling him.


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