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What Do Cats Want for Christmas?

Updated on December 22, 2011
Stockings Hung Near the HVAC Closet with Care
Stockings Hung Near the HVAC Closet with Care

The kitten learns about Christmas.

About a week ago, I hung the family stockings in the hall at our new home. Our two big boys are familiar with the Christmas routine; but for our little adopted princess, this is the first time a stocking has been hung in her name.

Apparently Chavez has finally taken me seriously when I told him I will teach him to type if he learns his ABC’s, because yesterday morning I found a list of Christmas wishes scrawled carefully across two pages of one of the ubiquitous yellow legal pads that litter our home. It also appears that the two big brothers are teaching their petite sister about Santa, because some of these items are probably not for them.

This is the note that Chavez wrote.

It’s difficult to tell if the boys in our household have been let in on the secret of who really wraps the presents and stuff the stockings, because the list we found wasn’t addressed to Santa. In fact, it wasn’t addressed to anyone in particular but began with the words “Cats Want for Christmas.”

Since Chavez is fairly new to writing, he doesn’t spell well or always use correct grammar. For my readers’ convenience, I have corrected these errors for him and also included explanatory notes for any cat requests that might not be clear to the average human audience.

Cats Want for Christmas


Another hidey hole (This is what our cats call their cube-shaped play and naptime cubbies.)

More catnip

Tuna-flavored treats

Toy mouse stuffed with catnip

Pinky paw-paws (This is what our baby girl, Frida, calls her nail caps. She actually likes them now, especially the pretty pink ones.)

Toy goldfish that smells like catnip

Real goldfish

Catnip spray

Grass to eat

Feather toys that smell like catnip


Catnip tea

Jingle-bell ball

More catnip for our scratchy thingy (They mean their Emery Cat® board.)

Another scratchy thingy

Catnip for our stuffed hedgehog, he smells like dog!

DVD for Cats

Catnip ball

DVD of those guys in shorts kicking and chasing the black-and-white ball (Chavez is a true soccer fan.)

Fresh catnip

Belly rubs, lots and lots of belly rubs

Catnip-flavored fur ball treatment

Tartar control and breath mints for El Che (We think Frida and Chavez added this one.)


Will the cats’ wishes come true?

As endearing as the Christmas list our cats left us is, the jury is still out concerning how many of their wishes will come true (See How to Tell if Your Cat Is on Santa’s Naughty List for details.). Whatever happens, all three of our cats (unless particularly naughty in the next week) will certainly get some form of catnip.


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