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What Our Pointer Pups Did Next

Updated on October 6, 2013

Born in South West France our Pointer Puppies Now Live in Montana - their story is remarkable!

Kali in the snow, Montana
Kali in the snow, Montana | Source

© This article and all the photographs are the property of Barbara Walton, unless otherwise attributed. They must not be copied or reused without written permission of the author.

'Cocoline' is now a fine teen-ager
'Cocoline' is now a fine teen-ager
Spot spots the baloons
Spot spots the baloons
Naughty Susan now Kali. She looks like a real tough cookie!
Naughty Susan now Kali. She looks like a real tough cookie!

Meet Maya and Kali

In the height of the French summer our beautiful English Pointer and intrepid hunting dog, Molly, had three puppies at Les Trois Chenes, our Bed and Breakfast in Limousin, deep in the heart of rural France. We would have loved to keep them with us always, but sadly, they had to find homes of their own. And hereby hangs a tale!

There were ups and downs and much drama over the birth of the pups and things went on from bad to worse, but eventually, as you can see for these wonderful photographs and videos, our pups have certainly landed on their feet!

Now they're called Maya and Kali, much more fitting than Cocoline and Naughty Susan, the names we gave the little 'darlings' when they were puppies although I doubt if Kali is any less naughty for all that - a rose by any other name ....

The little male puppy we called, rather unimaginatively, 'Spot. why? Yes, you've guessed - because he has a large spot on his back.

What happened to the female pointer pups?

The 'girls' found a super home with a young couple who lived just outside Paris - but not before a great deal of drama (read about naughty susan's dice with death in The Puppy and the Peach - see above).

Our 'girls' went to live with Laura, in the French countryside. From one 'Good Life' to another.

But things just had to get even better and our lucky pups were on the move again - this time to Montana. They certainly don't look as if they are going to the dogs.

And what about Spot, our male pointer puppy?

Ah, Spot - the most tranquil, gentle and amiable of the three pups. He was so biddable and faithful. Well, he was taken home by the owner of the puppies' father, and our chimney sweep. Then we lost touch with spot for some years. Our sweep disappeared and we found someone new to clean our chimneys.

Then in 2013 our sweep dropped by again. It had the feel of Mary Poppins here. He had suffered from poor health but had recovered enough to start work again. And what of Spot?

Apparently he had wowed the hunters of Limousin with his prowess in the field, but then had gone to live in Paris with the sweep's nephew.

So all the puppies now in Paris? For a time anyway. Take a look at their life in the capital of France.

The story of our pointer puppies life in France through videos

I have to keep up with the life of our pups through Laura's Blog and YouTube and they look in fine fettle. There are so many funny clips from the life of the pups on YouTube and I've selected just a few, not necessarily the best - they are all so good. I hope you enjoy these videos and take a look at some of the others.

Pointer puppies' first snow

Pointer puppy discovers snow 2

The pointer pups get fit

Major move to the mountains of Montana USA

The good life in France was good - but not good enough and soon the owners of Kali and Maya were ready to move on to bigger and better things. They bought a farm in Montana.

Lucky pups! Just look at their life now! Outside in the wide open spaces and mountains of Montana. I bet they just love it. Having said that the drama continued when Maya got lost and almost starved to death. These pups have more lives than cats!

Our pointer puppies have gone to live in Montana - the good life for hunting dogs

Now the dogs are living the good life in Montana. They have all those mountains and open spaces and snow. Dog heaven.
Now the dogs are living the good life in Montana. They have all those mountains and open spaces and snow. Dog heaven. | Source

Is 'Naughty Susan' still naughty?

Naughty Susan was the first one to crawl out of the nest, to escape from the back of the car, to chase the geese and, generally to get up to all manner of mischief - hence the name. It was Susan who wriggled through the gate and got stuck, and it was Susan who swallowed a peach stone and needed emergency treatment from the vet.

Is she still naughty, Laura?

Student painting on the banks of the river Glane in St Junien
Student painting on the banks of the river Glane in St Junien

If you are in Limousin, come and stay with us

Interested in Limousin? Like more information about Les Trois Chenes and Molly? Take a look at our web site or send me a message

We also run painting holidays in this lovely part of France. Why not explore your creativity a little?

Where is Les Trois Chenes and our pointers?

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A markerVideix -
87600 Videix, France
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Painting holidays, Bed and Breakfast, gite situated between Limoges and Angouleme, ten minutes from Rochechouart and 30 minutes from St Junien

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    • breeze216 profile image

      breeze216 6 years ago from A Tiny Little Town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA

      Check out my English Pointer, Oliver. He looks like the one you have in one of the videos. =)

    • Les Trois Chenes profile image

      Les Trois Chenes 7 years ago from Videix, Limousin, South West France

      Hi Laura, many thanks for the comment. Pleased you like it. Can't wait to have a look at your post and looking forward to seeing you hopefully in 2011 (2011 already!)

    • profile image

      Laura 7 years ago

      Hi Barbara, looks great! Just posted about A Day in the Slow Life, which happens to have a lot on the dogs :)

      We definitely need to come visit, see the finished gite, etc. It might not be till after Christmas, however, but I'll keep in touch!