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Whippet the most popular

Updated on August 5, 2017
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My name is Bartho. I'm a 53 y.o. A brazilian black. I have a 22 y.o. son and I'm divorced. I have 2 post graduations by UNIFESP. Love dogs.

Think in it!

Between 135 criminals, including robbers and rapists, 118 admitted that when they were children they burned, hanged and stabbed domestic animals.

Ogonyok (1979 - Soviet anti-cruelty magazine)


Small exotic dog.


The Whippet is a dog of medium size and aerodynamic shape, with row
arched top, long legs and lack of fat causes during a race, reaching 60 km / h. Just as it reaches such a speed, can spend hours lying down and quiet, enjoying the company of their owners.
Another striking feature of the Whippet is its immense variety of colors and markings and can be totally one color (solid), brindle or bicolored. Any variation in color and marking is accepted on race.
As for its appearance, the Whippet is described as a sophisticated, elegant, slim and graceful. Despite its apparent fragility, he is strong and sturdy. Having a healthy diet, based on good diet and being exercised every day, is unlikely to have health problems.
With this charm, it is difficult to resist their calls when they want affection or play. The Whippets are particularly lovely, caring, excellent companions, playful as puppies, extremely loyal, loving and independent.
They are ideal for home or apartment because they are very clean, have short hair and does not possess the characteristic odor of other races, not requiring frequent bathing with it. When adults are quiet and do not bark to signal the presence of strangers.
Were not made to live in backyard for being too chilly and, moreover, does not like to be alone, they always want the company owners or another dog, no matter if it's playing or sleeping. Get along well with other pets provided they are reared from chicks, otherwise it is better to present them with caution.
Do not expect a Whippet the attitude of a terrible guard dog, but do not be surprised if this
normally docile animal, become protective of their owners and give alarm for any strange movement near the home.
It is an intelligent breed and adapts easily to changes. His temperament friendly conquest anyone, although reserved with strangers. Likes children, especially older ones, since it is not much fun.
Great companion for walks and races against other dogs.
One of the most exciting feelings that a person can experience is to see your Whippet racing with others. It is rare to find a breed that is an ideal pet and that, while fully meeting all the sporting instincts of its owner.
Are natural abilities of the breed to hunt hares, rabbits and rats. Many Whippets are regular winners exhibition of beauty. The temperament and athletic constitution contribute to the Whippet is emphasized in all competitive fields for which he is able.


There are several hypotheses on the origin of the Whippets, but none were proven. Considering its present aspect, the records date from the nineteenth century. The junction of Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, and Terriers have originated different race. The goal was to produce a race that could chase rabbits and at the same time, was small and agile enough to chase mice. His pride was achieved thanks to fans of the race, that selecting the most beautiful dogs through selective breeding, forced him to stay like a small Greyhound. Another likely hypothesis would have been a mix of breeds Pharaoh Hound Maltese Rabbit with Dogs, possibly introduced in Britain in time of Roman invasion.
Very similar to dogs of this breed are found in paintings, tapestries, porcelain and sculptures of centuries XIV, XV and XVIII, in several countries. Two of the most striking evidence of the existence of these old dogs are the portraits of Anne of Denmark, Paul Van Somer (1604), owned by Queen Elizabeth II and the Marquess of Northampton, of Batton, the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England. Both show Whippets with characteristics very similar to the current race.
His name first appeared in print in 1610 and was due to the expression "Whip Up" (whip) or "Whip It" (fast as lightning).
Copies of this breed were originally displayed in official exhibition in 1897 at Cruft's in London. The dogs were recognized by the Kennel Club in 1902.


The Whippets love to run and need to exercise. Can be trained to catch Frisbees and do very well. They are perfect for apartments, since they come out regularly for walks and a good race at least once a week. Take them for walks does not work, because they have no great reserve of energy. After a few minutes walk and exercise, are ready to sit back on the couch and take a good nap for the remainder of the day.
The cubs are the busiest and love to run. It is also common at this stage to find owners who complain that the puppy is a destructive furniture and shoes, fortunately this is where they grow. To avoid problems during childhood the ideal is to give much attention to the small, many toys, exercise and a trouble-free area for when the owner is away from home. This work and dedication will certainly be rewarded in the future.
Another caution is not to encourage the puppy to eat homemade food, as the race possessed a natural tendency to become a gourmet extra demanding, leaving aside the feed easily. Another aspect to note is that it is almost impossible to make a Whippet stay out of sofas and beds. They simply love the comfort and smooth places, especially when they are next to his beloved master.
Lacking extra fat in their bodies, the Whippets are sensitive to certain medications and anesthetics. It should check if your veterinarian is aware of this characteristic of the breed or even warn him as a precaution before a prescription.
Besides the lack of fat, the Whippets have the hair short, leaving them vulnerable to extreme temperatures, especially cold. Should sleep inside, not being left outdoors, especially in winter clothing accessories for dogs are listed to protect them from the cold this season. Book a hot and dry area for them, a doghouse or a comfortable chair.
It is worth mentioning that despite the care described above, the Whippets are very strong and tough and are not subject to any of the problems common to other breeds, such as dysplasia, spinal problems, skin diseases and so on.
The Whippets little loose hair, a fact that does not nullify the weekly brushing, because it is always necessary.
A Whippet should never be left out of the lead on walking, because easily distracted with certain noises that could mean some rodent in sight, or even an animal across the street can bring to your attention enough to make it run in stampede . Indeed, anyone who decides to have a Whippet should have patience on this detail.
The training exercises are to be done delicately so as not to intimidate, being made based on positive reinforcement, with affection and treats as a reward. Affectionate, sweet and affectionate, this dog is very sensitive to harsh reprimands. It has a tendency to be shy, which could further worsen if treated like abrupt.
The most important thing to have a Whippet is to love him and enjoy his company. He will prosper, and created with care and attention and return those feelings to the owner.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - a balanced combination of power and muscle strength with elegance and graceful lines. Built for speed and work. Any form of exaggeration should be avoided.

TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR - an ideal companion. Highly adaptable to sporting or home environments. Gentle, affectionate, balanced provision.


Skin - (standard does not comment).
Hair - thin, short, savanna.
COLOR - Any color or mixture of colors.

Height at the withers - Males: 18.5 to 20.08 inches.
Females: 17.32 to 18.5 inches.


Skull - long, dry, flat on top, tapering to the muzzle, rather wide between the eyes.


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The most popular exotic dog


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