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Dog Days Of Jorja

Updated on May 6, 2011

Best Friends...

Dogs Are Without Prejudice

At my house we forever take in strays,I raise Standard Poodles, thank goodness they love everything and everyone..We would do well to take a lesson in accepting others.

Dogs have a way of accepting life as they know it,I can just hear themselves say "so this is how it is gonna be,ok then". When dogs are truly ill if allowed they will go dig themselves a grave, and lie down to die,as they accept the law of nature as I call it.

By the same token they will accept that you are the master of their domain, as such you may bring forth into the "pack" any dog, cat, goat, etc.. you choose, and they will respect it is welcome. At least that is how it goes at my house.

No matter the size,breed,color. They will however,balk at a bad disposition,also they will give the "newbie" a lesson in over-stepping his bounds,and will teach him the pecking order straight away,and without to much display of emotion I allow them to be dogs.

It usually takes three days for a stray to feel safe enough to go from room to room without me,and to go out into the yard unsupervised or as I like to say "get off the porch, and run with the big dogs"..LOL

It takes exactly three weeks for one to feel at home,and the pack to accept he is in fact home.

We once took in a Rottweiler with nine eight-week old pups,it took awhile to place them,but the "family" was patient, and kind.

The little mutt in the picture was here for several months as she was sneaky about being an instigator of trouble,so I had to break some habits before I could train her. Consequently I placed her three times before it stuck.Like a bad penny she kept turning

Dogs are like children,they will act how you allow them too. They walk thru life without prejudice, unless we teach it too them, they aren't born with it.As it bears repeating I shall have to say it one more time,we, the human race should take a lesson..

Getting Along


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