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Woman's Best Friend-My Life With My Dog

Updated on March 1, 2012
My MiraBella with her squeaky bone.
My MiraBella with her squeaky bone. | Source

Humans love dogs and have for centuries. They have been trained to work and help us in our daily activities and to assist disabled persons in tasks that are challenging. Many of us feel incomplete without a canine companion in our lives. That is the case with me.

Sweet Bella came to live with us 4 1/2 years ago when her first owner passed away from surgery complications. She was frightened, trembling and her hair had been shaved to the skin, leaving razor burns on her tummy. She weighed nine exactly pounds and was 18 months old. She is a Bichon Frise. They are usually a bit larger so she is a petite little girl.

It only took her a few days to feel secure with us and Bella became my constant companion. She sits on the sofa beside me, goes with me on my daily walks, and sleeps on a pillow beside me at night. I cannot imagine life without her.

This little girl barks if someone is outside or if the doorbell rings. She even barks when a doorbell rings on the television! She never begs for food, just sits beside the table hopefully when we dine. She is playful and energetic but not hyperactive or a yapper. All in all, MiraBella is the perfect dog.

But she is so much more. She is my friend who is thrilled to see me come home and she gives me comfort when I am sad. She kisses my face when I cry and laughs with me when I am happy. I know if everyone else in the world should forsake me, my Bella will remain by my side.

Bella disguised as a lamb.
Bella disguised as a lamb. | Source

Why am I telling you all this? Because my own experience has shown that a dog friend will help us fight depression, loneliness, fatigue, stress and many more issues that appear in our lives. People who have dog friends live longer than people without one. But choosing the right dog is crucial for everyone. The breed, size and temperament of dog must be greatly considered before choosing a dog friend as well as other issues.

Are you in an apartment or in a large house? Do you have a place to walk your dog and are you physically able to care for him/her? Owning an animal can be expensive. Are you prepared to spend money for shots, grooming, food, etc.? If the answer is no, you should not get a dog. Find a human friend that will not ask for anything in return. Oh! Those don't exist, do they?

Consider getting a dog from a shelter. People who insist on purchasing dogs are supporting puppy mills and dooming other animals to death. There also are many strays that can be rescued and loved. Any animal, no matter where it comes from, should be seen by a qualified veterinarian. They need to be inspected for ailments, parasites, given shots, etc.

Mutts make wonderful pets and best friends. If someone rescued you from abuse, homelessness and desperation, you would love them forever. Dogs are the same way. God designed dogs to be inherently loyal and loving. Bringing a lost dog into a place of security creates even more love in him or her.

Bella Gets a Bath
Bella Gets a Bath | Source

Caring For Your Canine Companion

People get dirty and need to bathe. We feel great after a warm bath or shower. Dogs are the same way. They spend time outside, roll in the dirt, play with their people and collect dirt and insects in their fur. Every dog should be bathed on a regular basis. Many people take their pet to a professional groomer and there is nothing wrong with that. My Bella is very mild and gentle. She becomes frightened if I take her somewhere and leave her so we bathe and groom her at home.

Whatever choice you make, just take care of your dog. Dirt, fleas, matted hair and other neglect can cause pain and irreparable damage to your furry friend and shorten his life.

Purchase good, nutritious food for your pet friend. He needs to be fed the best food possible and on a regular basis. I am not a proponent of feeding an animal once a day. Humans get hungry several times a day. Dogs do too and should be fed when hungry. They will be healthier and better behaved. When an animal is hungry, he looks for something to eat just as we do.

Exercise is important for our dog buddies. Take yours when you go for a walk, let him ride in the car when you run errands if the weather is nice. NEVER leave a dog in a hot car. Follow the link below to read a Hub for information on that issue. Many dogs die every year because they were imprisoned in a car that became a death trap.

Bella knows she is secure so she is relaxed and can nap peacefully.
Bella knows she is secure so she is relaxed and can nap peacefully. | Source

Think about getting a dog for a best friend. They never talk back, always support you, believe every word you say and love you without condition. A dog friend will run to the door to meet you when you come home, no matter how long you have stayed away. She will not nag you about where you have been or over how much money you spend. You can let him outside to do his business then go back to bed and lay for hours while he sleeps happily at your feet. He will give you sloppy kisses when you do not deserve them and forgive any impatience or mean words.

The love of a dog is very similar to the love of God-unconditional. Go love and be loved!

Best Friends
Best Friends | Source

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