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The American Bulldog

Updated on August 14, 2013

Bred in the USA

A Working dog breed, American Bulldogs are bred in the USA. In general, this breed is considered to be 3 different bulldog types including the Hybrid type, the Scott type which is the performance type and the Johnson type which is the performance type.

The names that are associated with the Standard or the Bully types come from the influence of their breeders, including Standard breeder Alan Scott and Bully breeder John Johnson.

Thought to be working dog descendants, American Bulldogs are commonly found on farms and ranches in the Midwest and South parts of the USA. Often, these dogs are mistaken for Pit Bulls but are actually a breed that is altogether quite different.

Strong looking, well built, stocky and equipped with jaws that are quite powerful, American Bulldogs have a build that is muscular and a head that is large. Its coat is smooth, generally, and short.

A moderate to light shedder, the coat colors are usually brindle or red patches in a predominantly white background. More inclusions over the years include patterns of color that include all brindle shades, fawn, brown, red and back.

The conformation of colors has variety but any degree of merle or solid black is considered a fault. The color blue is also disqualified by the NKC Breed Standard. Pigmentation which is black on the rims of the eyes or the nose is the preference, with only a bit of pink permitted.

Usually, the colors of the eyes are brown but when there is usually an occurrence of heterochromia, which is also considered a fault which is cosmetic.

This breed can be droolers, but this quality does vary and has been known to be more obvious in the Bully type, a generally heavier, larger dog that has a muzzle which is shorter.

Performance or Standard types have longer muzzles, a head which is more square and which tend to be more athletic. You need to note that many American Bulldogs in the modern day period tend to be two breeds combined, called 'hybrids.'

American Bulldogs usually weigh between sixty to one hundred and twenty pounds and are between fifty-two to seventy centimeters at the shoulders. Of course, many members of the breed do extend this range, especially in stock which is nonworking and 'out of standard.'

Typically, American Bulldogs are active, social and confident. They are also quite relaxed when with their owners, with whom they tend to bond strongly with.

American Bulldogs which are younger tend to seem more aloof when there are strangers around, but when they get older, the confidence that is part of this breed becomes apparent. When socialized early and taught their limits, this breed has great tolerance for kids and do get along quite well with them.

They more they are exposed to people, dogs and practices of training, the more chances they can be controlled outside and within their environments.

Walking your bulldog regularly at the park will help them become socialized. Originally, this breed was bred for killing vermin, catch and hold cattle and wild boar and work as a utility dog on the farm.

American Bulldogs that are purebred are great as family, guard, working, obedience and tracking dogs. Some members of this breed can be very territorial and it is not unusual to see assertive behavior shown to other dogs, such as rushing or charging even when out of their territory.

Although a breed which is dominant, they do not show hostility on territory that is neutral. Unless seriously provoked, they don’t tend to be aggressive. Also, this breed has an extremely high tolerance for pain.

Between the age of one and eight months, this breed are known for being quite carefree and friendly to all other creatures except those that flee.

Younger adults may be aloof when there are strangers but won’t be shy or show behavior that is cowardly. At eighteen months, the natural confidence of the breed will show through and they develop into a smart, protective and all-around companion.

The high prey drive of the breed can at times not make them suitable for homes that have smaller pets like cats. However, correctly socializing them at young ages increase the chances of acceptance of other creatures in the home.

Generally, this breed lives to be between ten to sixteen years old. Also, they tend to be healthy, physically active and strong. With certain gene lines, some health problems are often found, which is not common to the whole breed.

To the general population of this breed, conditions that are more common include ACL tears, thyroid or kidney disorders, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cherry eye, ectropion, entropion and cancer of the bones.

Testing the DNA is available for helping breeders screen ichthyosis and NCL for animals that are bred. Screening your breeder’s information including the family history of American Bulldogs is highly recommended.


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