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Should animals be used for medical testing? Yes!

Updated on May 16, 2010

Medical science has come a long way. All the progress we see in this field in the form of better drugs and surgeries is the result of perpetual research and hard-work. In order to test certain drugs, they needed living things. The living thing that was found pretty close to human beings was Guinea pig, although many other animals are also used.

Drug testing on animals is frequently carried out. Many a times it happens that these animals are made to suffer very painful disease. The harmful viruses are inserted into their bodies and then drugs are used on them to check out whether certain drugs would work or not. The drugs' effect on human beings is predicted by experimenting on these animals.

The main question is whether animals should be used in medical testing or not?

Here's the answer:

Medical testing

Would you support medical testing of animals if it is done to discover cures for human beings?

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Human beings are more important than animals.

Human life is much much more precious than that of animals. If we want to let medical science flourish we should use animals for testing. They are our best bet. We can't do anything without them. Apart from the fatal testing there are certain tests that are not really harmful. As a matter of fact we are killing hundreds of thousands of harmful germs that enter our bodies day in day out. Our immune system has been designed in such a way that it counters every threat. Fundamentally germs like any other "vivid" animals are also living beings. If we can kill so many of them in a single day than we shouldn't mind letting Guinea pigs or more livelier animals to die in the testing process.

Moreover testing is not hurting or disturbing the ecosystem of the world in anyway. Its obvious that these animals are not released in the wild to infect any other animals. They are kept in labs and used.

Animals also feel pain

The problem with this testing is that animals also feel pain. Yes, animal drug testing hurts. Animals have senses. They can feel pain. And on top of that they cannot do anything to save themselves from pain. Its really distressing that animals are inflicted pain and suffering in such a brutal way. But its better to use them instead of human beings. Although some manufacturers are making cruelty free products, its almost impossible to completely do away with drug testing on animals.


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    • profile image

      bobokitty128 5 years ago

      NO IT IS CREULTY TO THE ANIMALS! NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Dragon 5 years ago

      Whose to say that an animals life isn't as precious as that of an animal. We ourselves are technically animals. I do not agree, at all on this. It is disturbing, and unsettleing to even THINK an animals life isn't as precious as our own. You know how many famous companies do animal testing? I found out a little bit ago that over 203 famous companies do animal testing. and that's just FAMOUS companies. So your saying, that is all of the animals in all of those labs and factories eventially die, and that a human life is still more precious than ALL of those inocent lives, then it makes me wonder... What has this world come to? Its sad really...

    • profile image

      Lioness 5 years ago

      There are diseases because of OUR sin.

      I can't agree with animal testing - it's to disgusting and horrid.

      Maybe I shouldn't believe that, but I can't but help it. I have a dog, and I love her... She has emotions, and she can feel pain. I would go insane if I knew she was in pain. Emotionally or physically.

    • profile image

      dave cheale 5 years ago

      no body wants to see animals used in research, and putting welfare aside there is now proof and evidence that using animals do not bring any beneifit to humans medicines or cures, scientist have published papers and account for every single word on it, i bet if you ask the scientists who use animals, they will shy away and go hide in a cupboard with no accountability for any of their work, bring on the debate of us all to see and then both human and humans will all benefit, lets forget these animal testing industries have big lobbying companies to protect their interests, its all to do with wealth, market forces and capitalism,

    • profile image

      angell 5 years ago

      i agree that it doesn't have the same effect on people than animals. Who knows you could create a cure for all forms of cancer , that's tested on mice. But in reality created a mass poisoning due to a "bug in the system". And by the way we are animals.

    • profile image

      sammy 5 years ago

      it dosnt have the same effect on humans then it dose on animal

    • profile image

      cherry mann 5 years ago

      no matter what these so called scientists say there is no reason on earth why they still test on animals they are just sadistic cruel people

    • profile image

      lo 5 years ago

      Don't do that!!

    • profile image

      jr 5 years ago


    • profile image

      OMD 5 years ago

      if u didn't agree..then go...make testing on ur self..let them inject a virus in u and test medicines on u....don't think that ur life is not imp. than those of animal...ur life is precious and more imp. than those of about giving ur wife or children to labs to inject a virus in them and test them...which is a rat or mouse or giving ur wife or children??? think about it ppl...68% of doctors said that they accept animal testing as a tool in saving life of ppl....and when testing one animal...millions of humans r saved...not only human but also animals r saved from the most deadly diseases or viruses...and ya...without animal testing..medicines as we know today wouldn't exist...imagine ur life without medicines...if u r sick and u don't know how to cure it...imagine this ppl...SO..I HOPE THAT U TOO PPL ACCEPT THIS AS A TOOL IN SAVING LIVES OF THE WORLD AND SAVING UR LIFE TOO!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      SadieMarie . 5 years ago

      Dude . You are completely and totally insane . No offense .. Actually yeah . . You should take an offense to that . And i hope you do ! These animals Are equally as important to us . They were actually here on earth before any of us . . Isn't it bad enough that humans have destroyed some of their habitats ? Now they're takin their lives too ? Most of the products they test on these poor helpless animals don't even make it on the market . So basically millions of animals are being tortured and are suffering for no reason . And most animals they test on , they kill as soon as they are finished with them . They just sit in cages and wait to be tested on . . To be tortured . . To die . And there is absolutely nothing they can do about it except for go along with it . What if your pet was taken away to be tested on ? What if they made you watch . What if you had to sit there , watch him/her be strapped to the table and tortured . How would you like the whole room to be filled with the sound of that animal's cry . I bet you would start crying too . Maybe you should stop taking whatever you are , and start thinking straight . I mean come on . . This is murder ! Murder is illegal ! .. At least it was last time i checked ...

    • profile image

      killinganimals is sick 5 years ago

      Its all about money nothing else. As stated before animal drug testing is ineffective and in fact is the cause of most of the side effects of your medications. As for make up testing could easily be tested on us as as already proven we can use natural ingredients.I don't eat meat either. The only thing humans have is power through their voice as I am sure the huge regret god has is not given animals a voice but maybe that was intention a lesson for us to learn. We haven't learnt yet maybe like the native Americans have said Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise that we cant eat money. In the future the people will look back and say what kind of people where they? Horrible. Animals have souls and we need to respect them more for the love they give and for our future existence. I am awaiting the paradigm shift.

    • profile image

      Cube 5 years ago

      You are a fool. You try to compare our bodies killing germs with medical testing on animals? Have you lost your mind?

    • profile image

      randomweirdness 5 years ago

      you said that humans are more important than animals than something is wrong with you.

    • profile image

      Shreya 5 years ago

      A lot of independent studies have proclaimed that 92% of animal tested drugs have proved ineffective and even detrimental when subjected to human testing. So..

      Plus, I think we should be attacking the animal testing in the cosmetic industry first. Shut those vain, eyeliner trotting bitches down and you will save millions of animals [ and maybe make society less superficial]

    • profile image

      liaqat khalil 5 years ago

      zaye kunyano

    • profile image

      @ LOL 5 years ago

      Your Stupid. Insects aren't even being tested on...Dog's are not even 1% of animals being tested on. Your either in 1st grade, or you have no idea what your talking about.

    • profile image

      THINK PEOPLE.... 5 years ago

      Imagine not having animals to test on. The mice are EASY to breed. Without them,we would be dying... Okay. Imagine this. Two men coming up to your door and asking for your mother and your father for medical research. What would you do?

    • profile image

      r u kidding me? 5 years ago

      Think... how about if you where an animal and you where used for testing think about all the pain you would be in.... shots,being cut open,testing makeup on,injecting stuff into their bodies,stuck in cages,killed by testing,and alot more! Trust me i have 2 dogs 1 that i have had since i was a kid and 1 that i adopted from a shelter. They should get a loving life with a family and playing fetch with them. Shelters are just as bad killing bad bad bad bad bad so if we all work together we could maybe get rid of killing in shelters and testing on poor animals there are even puppy mills! That they are stuck in cages all day stepping in their own poop and pee.... Get a brain and use it say NO ANIMAL TESTING!

    • profile image

      LOL 5 years ago

      If you think that animals are not important you are all wrong because animals are actually as important as us ,have you people actually thought about that ,if you did not i'll give you some advise ,think about it. Btw animals are as important as us.

      eg. Dogs are such good companions they are so sweet and so loving they will care about you as their owner.

      And what about other insects that help our world be the world it is today?

      please think about all the animals you are sacrificing them for stupid experiments

      and if you think that medicine is important it is also our fault if we get sick it is our responsibility it is also our responsibility if we smoke then get cancer and have animals die for us to find a cure.

    • profile image

      An 6 years ago

      We need to sacrifice lives of a few beings, to save billions. We already eat meat and put on leather shoes, so why do we bring animal rights between disease researches. This at least may cure some people from dreadful suffering for their whole lives...

      p.s xdeadromeox is so right about the halal way..

    • profile image

      ken 6 years ago


    • profile image

      the philosopher 6 years ago

      humans are also animals so if we test on animals why don't we test on our selves

    • profile image

      Zane Miller 6 years ago

      Humans are superior beings. We should do what we want. If you wish to sacrifice yourself for the animals go ahead. If any of you are saying we aren't superior then god should have made just one type of animal and everyone equal.

    • profile image

      xdeadromeox 6 years ago


      "I know that the animal has been killed in a more humane way unlike the halal way - where the animal is tied up and hanged upside down, its throat cut, so that it chokes to death on its blood"

      Why would it choke when it's throat is cut? Then why don't they just tie the neck instead of cutting it? Funny, And yet you claim that you're studying physics and biology? So what is your humane way of killing an animal, shooting it on the head?

      I might not be a good Muslim, but i know at least these few things, even an average Joe can understand this:

      1. If Islam hadn't show us the way to slaughter our food, imagine how people would have been killing these animals, kicking, bashing and what not.

      2. From the point above, we can say that Islam is strongly against animal cruelty and Muslims are not allowed to eat brutalized animals (not allowed to eat animals which were not slaughtered in the proper way).

      3. Slaughtering the Halal way, they hold the animal in a certain position (not sure if this is a must) after the throat is cut which will drain the blood from the animal properly. This is exactly why in some meat you find blood coming out, and in some which is slaughtered properly, u don't see any blood.

      4. There is a strong rule Muslims must follow, the knife have to sharp and the throat has to be cut in 2 or 3 forward and backwards motion of the knife.

      There might be so many other reasons that we don't know of, so mind what you say without knowing. I bet it was another stupid illogical lie that your christian missionaries told you, a religion where you have to make your own excuses to believe in God, because it does not make sense and you have to be deaf dumb and blind to believe it, the only thing that attracts you is the minor amount of truth here and there which is left unchanged by men. Study Islam, is the purest of religions and the Quran has not changed since 1400 years ago and will not change until the Day of Judgement.

    • profile image

      santh101 6 years ago

      nick I totally agree with you but the only thing everyone should think is that by testing one mammal it saves hundreds of people

      which is important one animal or hundreds of people?

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      Sorry, but especially the last 'Animals also feel pain' paragraph, the 'it's ok to stick a cattle prod up a guinea pig's ass, even though byond painful, but better a g.p. than a human' paragraph (it doesn't say that but u get the point) whoever wrote this dumb f'n article, who r u to have written it, what authority, other than ur opinion, do u have on this subject? This sounds like an article written on the basis of silly Christian 'Man's dominion' beliefs, which r fine, but should be kept to ur personal life. The author of this article sounds like a fuckin' useless dork. my opinion, fire away!

    • profile image

      star diia 6 years ago

      i don't agee

    • profile image

      ziah 6 years ago

      Humans are animals two and animals should be treated just like us!!!

    • profile image

      DONT 6 years ago

      hi guys

      animals should not be used for testing but if they r, it has always been for the good of us.

      i know its wrong but still. we benefit from it. instead of saying it should be banned, we could try improving the way the animals are looked after. mmake sure that they are able to still enjoy life in the best way possible whether or not they hav been infected or not.

      that's my opinion

    • profile image

      henry 6 years ago

      hi simon

    • profile image

      laugh 6 years ago

      ok they dont use endangered speacies they mostly use guinea pigs

      there are lots of guinea pigs alive and they use them because there easy to breed and research on

      so calm it ppl seriously my guinea pig died and i cried

      for 1 week my gran died and i still miss her (3 years)

      i know there no point postin this because most of you disagree we already do somethigs to help ppls like donating organs

    • profile image

      Funny 6 years ago

      It is hard to try and get my point across to the people who posted their views several years ago and I fear that this will only be seen by the people who are finding this cite through searching for research for and against animal testing(like I did).

      I find this cite very informational and I also find it hilarious to read peoples comments who have no idea, or very little, about what they are talking about(the spelling errors are funny to).

    • profile image

      Thera 6 years ago

      Humans are animals, and we are no greater than they for we are.

      As long as the animals are treated humanely and are under anesthesia etc and feel little pain, and they aren't being wasted on things like nail polish, hair dye, etc, then I think it's okay. I also think that it's okay to use human beings for testing. Mainly because the products are for us anyways. But for the safety of test subjects and to keep religious groups happy, it's best to test on animals, and when it's safe, human trials.

    • profile image

      me  6 years ago

      Oh and the sentence, 'We can't do anything without them' possibly they r more impotant than a good % of people out there? And in terms of never releasing them into the wild, many prisoners will never be let back into society, use them, animals r not responsible for our misfortunes.

    • profile image

      LC 6 years ago

      Greathub- I am doing an essay and I would like to use some of the information on your article. I have to make a citation and need the author's name. Could you please inform me of this and soon?

    • profile image

      I Did Research!! 6 years ago

      Animal testing is very wrong! I have done my research and 94% of animal testing is used for cosmetics and household products!!! Dissection is also wrong because, now, there are computer programs that thoroughly explain the processes and body parts of animals. Also, human and animal testing only agrees 5-25% of the time while we can use human cells made in a lab which would exactly mimic the reaction of humans.

    • profile image

      6 years ago



    • profile image

      Cruelty is not an option 7 years ago

      First of all, to LemigaB, not ALL of us here are meat eaters. I am a vegetarian and an anti fur activist and an anti-cruelty activist. Every one who thinks that animal experimentation is okay obviously has no heart. Go visit the wizard of oz, you morons.

    • profile image

      me 7 years ago

      I'm not sure why animals deserve this 'humans are more important than animals because we have souls' attitude to begin with despite everything they've done to help humans. that's about the gayest most selfish thing I've ever heard. It's not religion necessarily but religion and stupid people, and I could go on and on but Greathub, u sound like a selfish dork, go have an accident.

    • profile image

      dull5595 7 years ago

      all of you ignorant people who say that animal testing is wrong need to think back to the time of WWII and the holocaust when DR. Mengele expiremented on all of the people blamed for the loss of WWI.If you think testing should be done on humans idk but you can step up to the plate because a little rat that has a litter of around ten every time it reproduces can sacrifice a lot more than humans can. It isn't like animals are being stolen from your back yard to be expiremented on the are animals breed for the reason of expirementation. P.S. you all against me should just study up on some history because humans going through the same things Jews went through during the holocaust is plain wrong

    • profile image

      GIBBLER 7 years ago

      If you don't think animals are less important than humans... go to a lab and offer yourself up instead on an animal... it's not going to thank you because it don't show human emotions and obviously can't talk. GOOD LUCK. testing is necessary so that many ppl can continue living their lives to the fullest. Ask anyone who's ever had an open heart surgery or a transplant of any kind. even insulin for diabetes comes from animals and was tested effective VIA animal testing... think about it. I'm sure you know someone who has diabetes or had a surgery...

    • profile image

      What's my REAL name? 7 years ago from Earth for now

      may i remind everyone that simply saying it's something that needs to be done is like saying release all the rapists, murderers etc. because it's just human nature, it has always been there so why pursue and try to stop it? Let's revel in them. And let's simply hope that someday they'll just go away.

      Killing for food is one thing, causing pathologies in animals that are not prone to the pathologies is simply wrong. How about a sentence that i imagine everyone can agree upon: Do to others as you would have others do to you.

      Would any of you accept a new dictatorship that decided that only a group of people were illuminati and could use others as they will?

    • cmiller0161 profile image

      Claire Miller 7 years ago

      When I read this I was still really strongly against animal testing. I still disagree that humans are more important than animals, because we need animals to survive and always have, whether it's for food, clothing, company, whatever. We've always needed them, and therefore they are equally as important. I have also learnt in Biology at school that there are many stages of testing medical treatments, and thought there must be a way of using a more advanced way of testing human cells - one of the stages - and therefore there being no need for us to test medicines on animals. I'm just a student though, and don't know very much about this topic, so I wouldn't really know.

      However, reading the comments from 'you lot haven't done your research' and 'Tracy', maybe animal testing is just one of those things that as much as people may hate it, it unfortunately has to be done. I eat meat, but I make sure that I know that the animal has been killed in a more humane way unlike the halal way - where the animal is tied up and hanged upside down, its throat cut, so that it chokes to death on its blood - and I hope that Tracy is right and that the animals are "tested and killed with the least pain and suffering as possible". Plus you are not going to get thousands of human volunteers to allow scientists to experiment on them, are you? If this was about animal testing for cosmetics then I would say no hands slammed on the keyboard. But it isn't, it's an extremely important topic of saving lives, both human and not human.

      Saying all that though, I hope that some day in the future scientists will find a way of testing medicines effectively without the need of animal testing - enough animals are being killed by us for food, and sadly in some cases for clothing. Not many people will read the comments about us being hypocrites because we eat meat, and decide to become vegetarians. But the number of animals killed should, in my opinion, be reduced.

      Hopefully people both for and against animal testing will be able to see things in a new prospection.

    • profile image

      Lia 7 years ago

      What a selfish person. Do some research before writing this things kid.

    • profile image

      What's my REAL name? 7 years ago from Earth for now

      LOL one kills germs. Even in the law books and in the Bible there is a difference between involuntary and voluntary acts and are judged differently. But religion and law aside, there is great difference in doing something and not knowing you are causing damage in some way and doing it knowing very well what the consequences are. Therefore, animal testing is wrong in its being.

      We need researchers, scientists, technicians etc. but we need them with a universal conscience not a specists conscience because from being specists, when we desire we fall back upon being racists, sexists, feudal, tribal and self centered.

      Medicine should be selfless an unselfish act of mercy because it is felt, not because it is paid.

      Many doctors and researchers want the fame and money, few (bless their souls) help people because of higher calling for free.

      There is also the other side of the coin, people should not demand of doctors to be omniscent, they are just people if they treat you for free (real treatment not research) there should be no suing the doctor if he can't help you or perform miracles.

      as I have said before, the problem is human, we want everything right now, we want the answer without searching we want it within our lifetime so we can enjoy it so we can reap the results. that's the real reason behind the testing, followed by the financial interests, and then people's health.

    • profile image

      What's my REAL name? 7 years ago from Earth for now

      Just my 2 cents:

      Animal research cannot be compared to hunting for food. Hunting for food provides means of immediate survival for carnivores. Nowadays, even our hunting, threatens wildlife because we hunt in such a way that it is out of nature's balance. Every single thing we do, mostly for economical reasons, we do without thinking of the repercussions on the environment and the wildlife.

      We have enough harvest enough farms and the technology to produce enough for our needs yet we try to scheme and wiggle our way out of responsibility when we waste, abuse and rape the land.

      Animals for experiments? The number of animals used is comparable to mass murder, the fact that we gain something from it is not an excuse for the suffering caused, especially because the animals do not undergo the procedures willingly. A human probably would, facing compensation. We shy away from pain, just like animals do, but being the "superior beings" we are, we can decide to stand that pain if presented with something we consider "worth it". Besides animal reaction to various components differs from the reaction of humans, and even within the human species there are different reactions. Just to name a few allergens, peanuts, yeasts, pollens ecc. ecc.

      Besides, if it really is to help the "human species" let's make all medicine FREE to all.

      No right? that's what i thought

      and in reply to xerotransplant...s answer,

      well, lots of progress was made in medical research during world war two, imagine if a few members of your family had been one of the lab rats.

    • profile image

      jordan 7 years ago

      i can't belive what i just read humans are more important come on animals have a right to live just think how would you like it if you were a animal and people was sticking thinks into you body that can kill you would you like i think that people that do animal test have no heart

    • profile image

      medical product development 7 years ago

      We do a lot of testing here at our company, but we never used animals. Nowadays there are way to many ways to run tests.

    • profile image

      Joshua  7 years ago


    • profile image

      xerotransplantationrules 7 years ago

      its only because of modern day society that is supported by foundations of medical and social research, much of which has been carried out on animals. In modern day society equality is a big thing. This also means that all you people who have no real ethics and think its right to put an animal equal to a person survive to reproduce, so are not eliminated by natural selection. This is a big problem from the angle I see it from. Almost half of you have voted that you believe animal testing is wrong, yet most of you will not have any good reason for this, you are of a level of intelligence that means you just think that ''suffering=bad'', yet animal testing prevents a lot of human suffering by helping us find new cures to diseases. the thing is that what all us people who support animal testing are really pushing for is drugs to be developed that provide better cures for diseases and illness that was previously untreatable. This is to benefit all people, just as the WHO aims to do. This is also meaning that all you people who are against animal research are also receiving better hospital care, so there is more opposition against the very testing that could have produced drugs that saved your parents life’s perhaps before they had you. I think something must be done to start eliminating people who’s interests don’t lie in the health of their fellow human beings. Look at what happened in world war two; Hitler thought like this, the only difference is that he was discriminating against another human ethnic minority, not the entire human race as animal extremists do.

    • profile image

      xerotransplantationfan 7 years ago

      You animal ars licking dumb arses obviously don't understand biology well. When you test a drug on an animal, what you are observing is extremely complex reactions to the drug, this requires a whole living organisms. You cannot use a few human cells. This might surface for some testing but for many things It does not. The whole idea of an animal being of equal importance is personal opinion, just as any opinion is, but the problem with that is that by way of natural selection, most species care much more for their own than another species. It is very inhuman to want to put another species before your own, your fellow humans should be priority. Animals suffer when they are used in drug testing, but so would a person. At least it usually serves a purpos, and it could often be that a few hundred animals can save thousands of human, 'and often other animals lifes too, such as drug use in vetenary practise’.

      Also, it is interesting that so many people see wrong in animal suffering. Animals suffer every time they get riped by another animal, a rabbit will suffer when a fox catches it and rips its guts out, its interesting that humans are the only species that where possible we try to minimize the suffering and pain an animal experiences, such as with instant insensibility induced in an animal at slaughter.

      For like 200 million years, animals have eaten each other, and they have suffered greatly just due to nature and natural selection, and the very randomness out of which life evolved, simple chemical reactions taking place in pools on the earth in her early life. How can people make such a fuss because a few animals suffer, when its just life. Most people recognise that a person is their own, its a shame some don’t. I can only begin to wonder what else you people do with animals other than try to promote their importance in inhuman fassion.

    • profile image

      mobil 7 years ago

      Also, Meagan ur an idiot. What would you rather have: a dead father because scientist couldn't find the right cure because they love animal so much or many animals.

    • profile image

      mobil 7 years ago

      you guys/girls are all idiots. We should use animals for testing because we are differernt from animals. We have a moral code that's inside of use that can tell right from wrong. Other animals can not. Also, this moral code makes humans, not animals, precious. This is why we should use animals for testing.

    • profile image

      High school kid that is writing a research paper on this! 7 years ago

      Okay, haha most of you are idiots, i totally agree for animal testing because it has found cures and treatments for man diseases and illnesses. For many of the people that have diseases today would have died if it were not for animals testing, or worse even spread the disease if they were not given a shot that prevents contraction of the disease. And many of you mothers and fathers out there should also agree with animal testing because it is saving your kids life because they are required to get shots when they are at elementary and through out there lives to stop them from getting diseases. One of my arguments in my paper are " To use animals over humans casue they are less significant".(Me) This is true in many ways would you rather put your own child up there to see if the "New" drug they discovered would cure your sons illness?!?! I think not, and how many times have you also owned a house pet, and when it died you buried it in your back yard and bought a new one. If you don't see the point then look at your own actions of how you treat your own animal, and if your opposed to animal testing stop getting shots that prevents diseases cause either conciously or sub- couciously that's a form of supporting animal testing.

    • profile image

      random 7 years ago

      i disagree wit u guys animal testing fer medical reserch is fine but not fer cozmedics cozmedics is worse u guys should watch videos about cosmetics b4 u say this is bad

    • profile image

      i  7 years ago

      firstly i would like to say that am a g8t animal lover... so the thought of hurtng animals for our selfish benefits really hurtz me..!!!!..but the truth has to be faced...

      Medical research involving animals has dramatically improved the health of the human race. Without animal testing, the cure for polio would not exist and diabetics would suffer or die from their disease. Despite these benefits, some people believe that animals should be not be used for testing medical techniques and drugs. Animal testing allows scientists to test and create new drugs. Animals such as monkeys or rabbits have similar physical processes to humans. This allows scientists to test the effects of certain drugs. If a drug produces adverse effects in animals it is probably unfit for human use.

      Animal testing is cheap. There is a large supply of animals for medical research. Animals are easily bred, and maintained safely in controlled labs. The costs of testing in humans would be extremely high.

      Many people argue that animal testing is cruel. In some cases this is true. However it would be much more cruel to test new drugs on people or children, or to let people die because there was not enough information about a drug. Furthermore, legislation in most countries sets standards for animal treatment, and laboratories have guidelines to prevent cruelty.

    • profile image

      Meagan 7 years ago

      This article is sick. In no way should animal testing for any purpose be supported.I am a vegan, and in no way do I support animal testing. The human race has come far enough in the medical and science fields, if we can't learn to treat animals with respect and love like it was intended in the begining, (humans are not meant to hurt animals, just look at the reation people are having! its not supposed to be in our nature to hurt) then why should we deserve to live as selfish, cruel natured beings on this earth? if anything, the innocent, uncorrupted animals deserve to live more than we ever did. Why cause pain and kill for our own personal gain? The tests done on animals cannot even be accurate, they are much different from us. If we cannot test on humans or similar cell tissues, we should not test at all. Maybe most of us cannot see it, but what do we really gain from this? nothing. Just more humans surviving, this world is overpopulated with ignorant beings anyway. One day science will go to far, all that will be left is the selfish human race, with dying animal populations, a destroyed ecosystem and an inhabitable earth.

    • profile image

      deepthy 7 years ago

      y are living things. it is so cruel to kill them, because who are we to kill and test on them. It's so disgusting that you ppl are this mean to animals

    • profile image

      fullysick 7 years ago

      i totally go with funride this is madness i have already started a protest online why do people think that animals don have lives expcially dogs thay are a mans best friend so are cats

    • profile image

      chelsea 7 years ago

      NO animals should not they are not just things they are pets and they should not get ues as friken testers ad it killes some of them and i hate it i love animals and i hate some of the poses that some people put up saing that they sould use them

    • profile image

      jazzmin agurries 7 years ago

      animal testing needs to stop what did they ever do to us they have a life to and everyone and everthing has a right to live a great life. if people went to do this than they should do it there selfs this is "BS" STOP THIs!! so many animals get killed cuz of this stuff im 13 and i know this crap is shit!!!

    • profile image

      ema 7 years ago

      look up the alternatives...obviously you know nothing! oh and we wouldn't even be alive if the animals didn't exist so before you say we are more important think again how we are here.

    • profile image

      anais 7 years ago

      Animals r important its not gudif we use them for testing but we also need drugs to be able to cure us when we r ill

    • profile image

      Brittany 7 years ago

      Animal Testing is NOT RIGHT!!! I believe that if we want something tested we should do it ourselves. And all kinds of animals around the world are dieing as we speak. So I believe we should do the testing on ourselves, because we have too many people in the world of our own species anyway. And if you want to do testing on animals, you can do it on humans because we are animals too!!(:

    • profile image

      Lora  8 years ago

      I am only a 14 year old girl and I already know that medical testing on animals is a completely essential part of the development of medicins and other traetments. Yes it is cruel that animals have to suffer for our gain but we need to ask ourselves what is best, the suffering of animals or the suffering of humans?

      Also 5 times as many rodents are killed by pest controle and do people complain as much about that? I think not!

      Greathub, I agree with you 100%!!

    • profile image

      ....... 8 years ago

      How are "human beings more important than animals"? Although a human life does have more value, it doesn't necessarily mean that our lives are more important. We do pretty much the same thing other than the fact that we are more intelligent. I don't like the idea of animal testing...since it proves that we are selfish and willing to sacrifice others for our own well being.

      To the author of this article: How would you feel to be stabbed by a needle once every often?

    • profile image

      Alex 8 years ago

      Well, I'm strongly considering going ovo-lacto vegetarian but I would still be in favor of this kind of medical testing. I wouldn't say that "human beings are more important than animals" but you could argue that human life has more value.

    • profile image

      .... 8 years ago

      *lives lol my bad

    • profile image

      lauren 8 years ago

      ffs people get a life so help the animals because they need there lifes too!!!!!

    • profile image

      bilal 8 years ago

      only a pedofile could say


      well i agree to the point made by you.. and Islam also says the same...

      its juz reiteration of it!

    • profile image

      ale 8 years ago

      how wold you fell about being stabed whith a needal and be blinded i say animal testing is crule

    • profile image

      15girl 8 years ago

      Ok I have read a lot of these comments and opinions and Greathub you really piss me off. At least all the other people here that are for animal testing said that they feel some what bad for the animals, but you, your just an a$$ whole! I am 15 and am doing a reasearch paper on animal abuse. I am including animal abuse at home, in slaughter houses, and in testing. I am personally totally against animal abuse in every way. I never actually knew how serious it was until i looked up information on this topic. I've seen videos of animals in testing and in slaughter houses and i couldn't even watch the entire thing; I started to cry. I understand how some people believe that humans are more important than animals but I don't agree. It is obvious that we are more capable and have a lot more power than animals do but who says we have the right to destroy their future? For those of you who believe that animals don't feel or care, think again. Go up to your dog and pet him or scratch his belly. The dog will soon kick his leg or lick you beacause of how good it feels. Now, if you smack your dog or hurt him, he will screech or cry out, yelp, run away, lower it's head, tuck in it's tail, or hide. To me those are all signs of feelings. They yelp because of the pain they feel, just like we cry or screem because of the pain we feel. To those of you who believe that animals shall no longer have the right to go on mating with multiple partners, just know that not all animals are like that. there are those animals that pick one mate for a life time. For that mate they fight, hunt food for, and take their turn caring for their child. Sounds just like us doesn't it? For those of you who are for animal testing, have you even seen the pictures or videos of what those innocent animals go through? My mom once asked me, "If i had cancer and the only way to cure me was to take 10 of your most favorite animals and have them put into testing so they may find a cure for me, and i only had 6 months to live, would you put those animals through that to save me?"

      Now, she is also aginst animal abuse but she asked that so i ay see the viewpoints of others. All I could say to that was, "I don't know." It is very hard to think about and still i don't even know. In conclusion, animal testing or animal abuse is wrong in my opinion and there are definitly other ways to go about finding cures for diseases out there.

    • profile image

      15 8 years ago

      Ok, i have read ay of these comments and Greathub, you really piss me off!

    • profile image

      TooLazzyForHW 8 years ago

      BTW, for all of u! Thank you very much for ur opinions, you helped me/ some ppl for their skool home work! =]

      and im neither against or for this topic

    • profile image

      ANG 8 years ago

      ok number 1 God put animals on this earth for humans. call me what you will but I would much rather an animal be tested and die than you or me. I can guarantee you that if you were put in a situation where someone said hey try this new medication we are not sure how severe the side effects are and you could very possibly die, that you would sacrifice and animal. Yes I do agree that some testing on animals could be cut back, but for the most part yes a human life is more important than an animal life and animal testing is crucial if we want to find cures.

    • profile image

      shark 8 years ago

      oh and for anon..u said tat one day we'll meet our death..but do you wish to meet them earlier..? think of you wish to be infected by swine flu..? no. do you want the cure for that disease? by experementing the whom..? you?

    • profile image

      shark 8 years ago

      i don't know why people don't use their brain very well..if they objected the scientist to use animals as their experimental purposes..i think they also need to stop using medication and whatsoever contribution from the lab test using their so called innocent not telling that the animals arent innocent but we couldn't afford to lose our people..that people mybe our fmily, close friends..and you may say this it's the same with animals..but do u really think that they recognize their fmily members? they brother? sister? great grandfather..? it can be breed in a relatively short can reproduce to few generations in a short time..and it may interbreed each other..imagine the father of a guinea pig mating with his grandchildren or whatever it development is more rapid compared to can have more than 5 offsprings once it delivered birth..and the purpose why the scientist need to do vivsection or use a living animals because they need to mimick the physiology condition in a human body..this is the best that we can obtain..i do believe that dead carcasses or dead bodies doesn't need medication rite..? bcoz all the cell and organs are already using animal is the best gain something we need to sacrifice..we do feel sorry for them but we don't have any relevant choices..and one think that being brought by greathub..he siad that when we breath we kill millions of germs..? if the germs have the right so we cant kill HIV virus or AIDS.cant u see?

    • profile image

      anon, 8 years ago

      oh nd i forgot to say that there spcially bred anywayss so yeah. its not as if there gonna steal it from ur house or anything :( :)

    • profile image

      anon. 8 years ago

      im a year 7 girl and im doing debating if we should ban medical testing on animals. i love animals to bits but really u guys have got problems the ones who say "aww but there soo cute." im totally with 'you lot haven't done your research.' what's the point in doing tests on humans if were going to die and the test is to help us live? ur so stupid nd i think that you should seriouly think about it. nd as if you would say 'here take my 4 yo brother hes as cute as a animal wouldn't make a diff' UR MORE STUPID

    • profile image

      Tracy 8 years ago

      Oh, and another thing,

      There are strict rules and regulations to animal testing.

      The animals are to be tested and killed with the least pain and suffering as possible.

      There are rules to how they are fed, treated and tested on.

      Other than the law, it is also scientifically beneficial.

      Scientists don't want to test on stressed out, upset creatures. They need healthy animals for accurate results.

    • profile image

      Tracy 8 years ago

      Thank you "you lot haven't done your research",

      You have simply taken the words from my mouth.

      I believe animal testing is cruel but fundamental.

      "You can be sure that if/when ever I´ll become ill I will forward for testing myself!

      And you!? I bet you rather wait until they sacrifice some innocent creatures before they test it on you! It´s ridiculous to believe that´s reasonable!"

      I hate to be 'egotistic' but this is the way our world is. We have ALWAYS been above animals that we test on (eg. rats, monkeys, guinea pigs). God himself, declared that humans ruled over other animals.

      "just for our safety we killing those poor creatures,who have lives,feelings and senses and i think it is very WRONG to test medicines on animals. if medicines need to be tested they should be tested on humans,anyway these medicines are being used by humans,so why should these poor animals take the pain when humans themselves are going to use the medicines?"

      Yes, they have feelings but science has proved that other animals do not have the capacity for emotion as humans do.


      "you guys this isn't a joke animals are living things would you like to get your eyes burnt out because the animals want a new eye liner?"

      Read the title. It clearly states 'Should animals be used for MEDICAL TESTING? Yes!'

      You are referring to cosmetics which is NOT medical testing.

      "i totally disagre with the testing on animals. i am a doctor and scientist myself and i totally but disagree that animals are born to be isolatedfrom their partner and fellow crearues remaim imprisoned undergo loneliness stay single disallowed mating and then die withour propogating their own species. this i fel i cruel and e do not have a right to do this. if we justify this then we should justify the act of terrorism. inspite of testing drug trials on animals they may nt be fit for human use. because they are not humans. that's the brutal truth. just to get an fda approval the testing goes on. experimental las may not be totally banned but atleast we can limit it to a few unfortunate animals can you sacrifice a few humans because thre are too many. so when essential we can resort to animal experiments and drug trials bt replicate or propogate or justify the act. it is like a life sentence pathetic but inevitable in select circustances "

      First of all, I'm astounded that you'd say this when you have had experience in the medical field.

      For each testing period, scientist may use even up to tens of thousands of animals. You're suggesting that we should find thousands of human volunteers?

      The animals that we test on breed a lot faster than humans. Just one of the troubles with testing on humans is that the experiment takes longer to complete since our life spans are longer.

      So lets imagine that we DO find tens of thousands of volunteers and we find a cure. Great! But every time a new disease forms, we'll be killing thousands and thousands more. Think of all those deaths, all the grief for family and friends. Once again, animals simply do not have the capacity for emotion and relationships as we humans do.

      Eventually after all these tests, there won't be many volunteers left.

      And if a new disease were to form and you couldn't test on any animal or any human,

      What do you suggest we do then?



      Many, many animals die of diseases.

      The testing is not just for the benefit of humans.

      If you suggest that we test the animal disease on a human, it's very unlikely.

      Firstly, for the experiment to take place. The volunteer must HAVE the disease so that we can attempt to treat it. There is only an extremely small percentage (something like 1 in a billion) that the human will actually obtain the disease and if they did, think about the consequences.

      It is quite likely that the disease would be contagious. I am sure all of you can remember the swine flu, bird flu and other worldwide epidemics. Imagine the death toll for EVERY animal disease that we tested for.

      Having an opinion is absolutely fine but if you are suggesting we change our medical testing system you must think ahead! Think of the problems it will cause in the future for mankind AND for animals.

    • profile image

      kaz 8 years ago

      i agree with funride. We humans shouldn't be too up ourselves

    • profile image

      you lot haven't done your research 8 years ago

      Of course the thought of animals suffering is cruel, but we need to consider our options here:

      1) We are not testing for "eyeliner", but medical purposes. This is serious, we are testing on animals to save the lives of others.

      2)Animals breed and reproduce quicker, so it would take far less time to see results than in humans

      3) I'm from Australia, and 2% of the Australian population are vegetarians. If you do not support animal testing but eat meat every day, you are a big hypocrite. More animals die every day to feed us than from animal testing.

      4)The alternative is too costly. Either we test on humans, which would mean having to pay them and build new labs, or on cells, in which you can not see a whole-body reaction and therefore get an acurate result. Either was the alternatives are more costly.

      5)We are testing on non-endangered species, and under lab conditions. The animals we test on will never become extinct. It's not like we are plucking orangatangs from the rainforests of Borneo; the animals are especially bred.

      6)The animals will not know their family like us humans do. If a human was to die not only the person would be affected but its family. This is not the case with animals.

      7)Humans aren't the only things that have diseases. What about all the animal diseases out there? The humans aren't the only beings benifitting from this.

      Summing up, I am in year 8 and I have to say that I am quite dissapointed in alot of the comments. The: "How can u kill animals they're soooo cute, u r so cruel!" ones are the most pathetic, don't say anything if it's not intelligent; you make yourself look dumb.

      Opinions are fine but stupidity pisses me off.

    • profile image

      Nick 8 years ago

      "I´m sorry to say but I can not agree with you on this. Why do you believe "Human beings are more important than animals"!? First of all we are also animals! And more important, if we need to test medicaments then lets do it on our selfs. We are too many anyway.

      I know that many of you will call my stupid but I´m sick of all this Human egotism!!!"

      Humans aren't animals. We have evolved above and beyond them, and have managed to survive much more successfully than them. Look at all the cities, roads, cars, houses and buildings we have created around the world! Do you think animals could have done this?No, it is the work of humans.

      I agree that we should test animals, but not if it involves extreme pain or suffering. Fortunately, most of the time it doesn't. I;m doing a debate on this so thanks a lot!

    • Aran profile image

      Aran 8 years ago from Cambridge, UK

      I think you have got this all wrong, animal testing doesn't help people.

    • profile image

      LemigaB 8 years ago

      Haha... to think that people would actually think of trading their lives for that of animals is hilarious! Yall should also give yourselves in so we can eat yall as chickens, cows, and goats...Everyone is preaching "don't hurt the animals," yet everyone is buying chicken, meat, cheese, milk,or jackets, hats, gloves, watches, belts, and the millions of products made from animals... yall should trade yourselves in so that we can skin you guys and use yall for clothing as well...or better still, don't wear or eat anything made from animals... SERIOUSLY? If we don't use animals for testing, who will we use? you? For funride: u said when you get sick, you will turn yourself in for testing. Well, guess what? Scientist cannot wait for you to get sick... Millions of people are dying, so until you get sick, deal with it! Besides, how many medications can be tested on you alone or the handful of people who CLAIM that they will be willing to turn themselves in?????????

    • profile image

      LemigaB 8 years ago

      Haha... to think that people would actually think of trading their lives for that of animals is hilarious! Yall should also give yourselves in so we can eat yall as chickens, cows, and goats...Everyone is preaching "don't hurt the animals," yet everyone is buying chicken, meat, cheese, milk,or jackets, hats, gloves, watches, belts, and the millions of products made from animals... yall should trade yourselves in so that we can skin you guys and use yall for clothing as well...or better still, don't wear or eat anything made from animals... SERIOUSLY? If we don't use animals for testing, who will we use? you? For funride: u said when you get sick, you will turn yourself in for testing. Well, guess what? Scientist cannot wait for you to get sick... Millions of people are dying, so until you get sick, deal with it! Besides, how many medications can be tested on you alone or the handful of people who CLAIM that they will be willing to turn themselves in?????????

    • profile image

      Jordyparty 8 years ago

      I think animals should be used because without us we wouldn´t have any civilization. But I think that animals shouldn´t suffer for us. It sounds tu cruel and evil !!! But who knows what is best ???

    • profile image

      ASS WIPE 8 years ago

      you guys this isn't a joke animals are living things would you like to get your eyes burnt out because the animals want a new eye liner?

    • profile image

      kttktje 8 years ago

      animal testing is so not right animals are just as alive as we are and have just as much right to live as we do. I love animals and the though of any being used for testing makes me sick, and the though that any one would agree with animal testing is even more wrong

    • profile image

      anominouse 8 years ago

      I also agree with the only one with @ half a brain.

    • profile image

      anominouse 8 years ago

      I agree 100% with greathub! Let me see you sacrifice yourself to help find a cure for humans. Id rather have an animal be tested on rather then myself or any body i know.

    • profile image

      sadfaer 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Hrisi 8 years ago

      the importance of a germ??? how fast to germs reproduce??? yea that's what i thought. if there is away to avoid killing germs please tell me. y do u think our world is being bestroyed because of us greedy humans not the animals they were fine before us. we think we are the most important thing on this planet but hate to break it to u we are not, if us humans all die the earth would be throwing a parade. n don't give me teh bullshit of ppl having families and bla bla lets see if u get locked up by force and get tested on, get ur leg broken then improperly fixed by studenst n a prof that does not car, cut ur stomach up n then the next day seeing your guts because it was improperly fixed lets see what u will say. as well GREATHUB humans are not exactly the same as any other mamal. the DNA structure may be the same but the regulatory genes, which are the ones that turn on and off the structural genes are very much different n that is why only a few cures have been optained from thousands of research animals and thousands of cures have not been found for that same resean n that is why products that are bing used on human have not been able to cure animals. why don't we do human testing for discovering cures for animals. don't even answere that. n second of all if humans were being used they would not be forced we all kno that but animals don't have the option. F * * K YOU to those that agree on animals testing

    • greathub profile image

      greathub 8 years ago from Earth

      @ ALYSSA: Do you know that when you breathe, you kill thousands - possibly millions- of germs?

    • profile image

      ALYSSA 8 years ago

      JERKS if u like ppl testing on animals U SUCK AND U ARE A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Andrea 8 years ago

      every one who likes hurting animals are gross

    • profile image

      ALYSSA 8 years ago

      ALL U 72 PPL THAT SAID YES U SUCK!!!!!!!!! YA I WENT THEIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      SRACO 8 years ago

      I agree with greathub. Yes animals do feel pain........ but I'd rather let an animal feel the pain rather then someone of my own family or even myself.

      Its difficult choice. I bet all these people commenting about being against animal testing wont let any testing on them if they knew they could die.

      How come you can eat animals after killing them intentionally but be against animal testing which could potentially save millions of lives.