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Do cats every have a 'one-off' outburst of aggression?

I'd been away for 2 days. As usual the cats jumped in my bed when I turned in for the night. I jumped out of bed unexpectedly to set the alarm. (Very atypical) My cat Walter went bananas, scratched me badly, hissing, yowling, crying. Later he came back in bed. This morning he's friendly but not purring as usual. He is typically a bit hyper but always uber affectionate. He's 6 years old. Thank you.

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tlmcgaa70 says

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5 years ago
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    bdettem 5 years ago


    Thanks for your response... I would agree, we are pretty hooked into each other. I actually do tell them "I'll be back" and so on. I agree with you... they understand and need to know what's going on. He seems much better tonight! YAY:-) Thanks

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