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Best Invisible Fence For Dogs - Keep Your Dogs Out Of Harms Way

Updated on October 14, 2014

Searching For The Best Invisible Fence For Dogs?

Invisible dog fences are a great way to keep your dog from wondering too far away from home or even running out into the middle of a busy street. I have personally used several different types over the years and have found some of the best invisible fences for dogs.

One of the most popular types available and the one I presently use is the wireless system. This system has a transmitter that sends out a radio signal in a predetermined radius and if the dog gets too close or crosses the perimeter a signal is sent to the collar where the dog will receive a small electric shock. Don't worry. The shock isn't bad. I have shocked myself many times with the collars. Most dogs are quick to learn where they can and can't go.

Another popular system for dogs is the in-ground or underground system. This requires a little more work to install. The directions for these units say to use a shovel and dig a small trench 2 to 3 inches deep where you want the perimeter located and then bury the wire. If you have a large yard to do then this method is time consuming. Whenever I install one of the these systems I always rent a small trench digger from a hardware store. I usually set the depth to about 6 inches so I will be sure that the wire doesn't work loose from the ground. Using this method only takes a couple of hours as opposed to a whole weekend of digging in the yard. In ground systems are a great permanent solution for any yard and will last a very long time if done properly.

All of the systems featured on this page are high quality, durable, and work great. It may take some effort to get your dog used to them but once they do you will be glad you have it. I have also included a couple of systems that are made for smaller dogs. If you are looking for the best invisible fence for dogs then look no further.

Check them out and click on the links where you will be able to read all of the reviews and see full product details.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300

A great system at a great price!

I installed this system so my dog could play in my backyard and it has worked phenomenally. Whenever my lab gets close to the perimeter the collar makes a beeping sound to warn her that she is getting too close and a shock is about to follow. After hearing the beeping she immediately backs away.

This system has a perimeter of about 180 feet or half an acre. The waterproof collar is very durable and lasts a long time. It uses a 6 volt battery. This system works on dogs 8 pounds and up and is a breeze to set up.

This is one of the most popular and highly rated systems on the market and for good reason. Click on the link to get full product details and reviews.

Innotek Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System, SD-2000

This is a great, permanent placement system!

In the past I have used in ground systems with great success. The only drawback to this kind is that you have to bury the wire in your yard. To make things more simple I rented a trench digger from a local hardware store and in a few hours had the wire buried. Other than that this system is easy to set up.

It comes with a transmitter, collar, battery, 500ft of wire, and 50 boundary flags. The flags are placed as a visual aid for your dog to learn where the boundary is. This system will give your dog an area of about 1/3 of an acre. Depending on how often your dog goes near the border the batteries on the collar should last a couple of months at a time. This is a great permanent in ground system that will last for many years. Check out the link to see product details and information.

Innotek Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System, SD-2000

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

This is a great system for smaller dogs!

This is a wonderful in ground system that works great for small dogs. The collar will adjust to fit dogs from 6 to 26 inches and it has 4 different levels of electric stimulation and a tone only setting. The tone setting is great to use after your dog has learned where the boundaries are. This warns them they are too close without having to use the shock function.

This system also requires burying the wire. With this system you get 500 ft of wire, 50 flags, transmitter, receiver collar, and a great training guide. If you have a small dog that like to wonder away then this system will work wonders. Get it today! Don't forget to click on the link to see full product details and reviews.

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

Innotek Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System

A great in ground system at a great price!

This system works great in any backyard. With this system you won't have to worry about power outages and your dog wondering off. It has a built in battery back up that works all hours of the day and night. The transmitter will also warn you if there is any problem with the wire. If a breakage occurs it will audibly and visually send a signal.

It comes with 500 ft of wire, flags, transmitter, receiver collar, and a wonderful training DVD. The collar will fit neck sizes from 8 to 21 inches. The collar receiver is also waterproof. It is super easy to set up and install.

Innotek Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System

Havahart Fence Free Underground Dog Fence

Works great for multiple dogs!

I love this underground system. With this system you can have as many dogs on the same transmitter as you want. You are also not as limited in the size of the area you wish to fence off. You can add enough wire to enclose up to 13 acres without the use of an additional transmitter. The collar has 6 different shock levels and a tone only function. They fit dogs with neck sizes 6 to 30 inches. Keep in mind these collars are only water resistant not waterproof.

This system comes with 500ft of wire, 50 flags, transmitter, collar, 2 collar probes, and field training cards. This is one of the highest rated and popular systems for dogs. Check it out! Don't forget to check out the links to see full product details and reviews.

Havahart Fence Free Underground Dog Fence

How to Install the Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence

Here Is A Great Video On The Petsafe Wireless Model...

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I'd love to hear from you! - What are you looking for in an invisible fence?

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    • profile image

      MarkAldrich 4 years ago

      I don't see Havahart's wireless systems (radial or custom) - they should be in there!! The best thing out there for containing our dogs to the yard...the only downside is - you can keep your dogs in...but you can't keep pedestrian dogs out! Recently heard a friend on a forum saying he got bitten not once, not twice, but THRICE from dogs who were passing by!

      Flip side to the coin...ALL the time.



    • Yvette Munro profile image

      Yvette Munro 4 years ago

      I didn't even realize that these fences existed. What a great idea, thank you.