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Bringing a Bulldog Puppy into Your Home

Updated on April 18, 2011

Bulldog puppies are undeniably adorable, and Bulldogs are a fine breed of dog, but how do you know if a Bulldog puppy is right for you? Deciding on a new pet to bring into your home is an incredibly difficult decision, but given a helping hand with facts and information before picking out your puppy will make the world of a difference.

That's what this blog here is for. I'm going to help you decide whether or not a Bulldog puppy is right for you, and if so how you can properly Puppy Proof your home and find a reputable Bulldog purebred puppy breeder to buy from!

Puppy Proof Your Home

It's vital that your house if puppy proof before you let your mischievous and curious Bulldog puppy into your home. Puppies will want to smell and get into just about anything and everything. That means that they might destroy an item that is either expensive or perhaps important to you, and we wouldn't want that to happen now would we? Your Bulldog puppy could perhaps even chew, swallow, or drink something that could make your dog sick, injured, choke, or perhaps even die. Your dog should not be able to get a hold of anything that would put your Bulldog puppy into harm’s way.

Do you like Bulldogs? If your answer is yes, then I recommend reading this blog about French Bulldogs and French Bulldog care.

The Bulldog Puppy Check Off List

So you're deciding on whether or not to buy a Bulldog puppy ehh? Well first things first, are you ready to bring a puppy into your home? Do you have the proper toys, bedding, and room for in your house for your new dog? If so then you’re off to a great start, but aren’t read then that’s okay too. It's much easier than you think to prepare your house for a new dog so that it's puppy proof. Bulldog puppies in particularly do not require too much preparation before hand.

Here's what you'll need to do and have on your Bulldog puppy check off list.

1. Make sure that you have some chew toys for your Bulldog puppy so that once he or she begins to go through the teething faze you'll be ready for whatever those destructive jaws will want to destroy. It's best that you give your dog very sturdy and strong chewing toys, bones, or something of that nature so that your puppy can teethe in a healthy manner and not on your sofa!

2. Bulldog puppies like most any other puppies love to play games and perhaps even rough house with their new owners and families. Wrestling dog toys are a great option for your Bulldog puppy, like the ones where the dog bites down on one side of the toy and the person holds on the other side. These dog toys are cheap and are extremely easy to find at pretty much any pet store out there. Just remember to not to play too rough with your new puppy since you don't want to damage or hurt their growing teeth.

3. Of course the classic dog toys like balls to play catch with are always amazing options for dogs of all ages. In the beginning your Bulldog puppy or even Bulldog puppies will not know how to play correctly or fairly with the ball, but that's normal. You have to put some time and effort into training your new canine how to play catch in the right manner. Once your bulldog puppy gets a hang of the game catch, it will be an activity that your dog will love to play with you or your family members for ages.

4. Now, about perhaps the most dreaded task of puppy training. We all want to avoid it, but it just can't be done. You probably know what I'm talking about already, but if you don't it's "Potty Training." Every dog must conquer this dreadful task, but more times than not it's much less difficult than it seems, and eventually your dog will learn with where he or she should and shouldn't perform numbers 1 and 2. Personally I have to say that if you want a dog that's easier to puppy train go with a female Bulldog puppy. Female Bulldog puppies are much easier to potty train than male Bulldog puppies. Female Bulldogs puppies are in fact more times than not generally easier to train anyway than male Bulldog puppies. Whenever I train my dogs while puppy training them I used Puppy Pads. Puppy Pads are somewhat of a pricey option to puppy train with, but they might just save your beautiful carpet if you decide to go with Puppy Pads. If Puppy Pads are out of your pricing range newspapers can work as well.

5. When going about kennel training with Bulldog puppies just remember to keep the kennel as a positive place and not a negative timeout sort of area for your little baby canine. If you treat the kennel as a negative area, then this will bring up many training errors that are hard to reverse in the future and will bring up other problems later on in your dogs life. Best does this training technique correct now than attempting to fix it for years later; trust me I've gone through this one before, and it’s not an easy one to fix!

6. When purchasing your new kennel for your Bulldog puppy make sure that by the time your dog is full grown the kennel will neither be two large or small for your dog. If the kennel is too large, your dog will pick up bad pooping habits. Yes I said, “Bad pooping habits!" If the kennel is too small then you'll have to buy a new kennel within a short amount of time, and it's needless to say that dog kennels aren't always the cheapest things to purchase.

7. Other necessities for your new pooch include items like a water bowl and food bowl. Personally prefer stainless steel water bowls and stainless steel food bowls best since they tend to stay clean considerably well. Stainless steel water bowls and food bowls are a bit pricier than other dog food bowl options, but since you'll probably own these items for your Bulldogs entire life, it's 100% worth the money. They're honestly the only dog bowls that I buy for my pets.

8. You'll also want to have dog bedding, a decent quality collar, a strong leash, and dog treats for your Bulldog puppy. If the pricing on dog bedding is a little out of your price range I recommend just even taking an old blanket and using it as your little canines bedding to save a few bucks.

Bulldog Breeders

Bulldog Breeders aren't necessarily the most difficult purebred dog breeders to come by considering that Bulldogs aren’t a rare breed of dog by any means. You can check local ads in the newspaper or go online to search for bulldog puppies in your area or at least within driving distance. Personally my favorite website to use in order to find trustworthy and reputable dog breeders is There are dogs of all price ranges. They have Bulldog breeders and other puppy breeders whom have animals that more times than not already have vaccinations and papers to certify your Bulldog is a purebred puppy. Also, remember when it comes to puppies, female puppies tend to be somewhat pricier than male puppies, but it's usually not a huge or significant difference.

I strongly advise that you buy from a Bulldog breeder who has a good record and specializes in selling, caring, and breeding for Bulldogs. Look and meet your puppy first before ever buying it. Its best that you perhaps select from a litter of puppies in which you can decide which purebred puppy would be best for you based on personality and temperament. You’d be surprised how much you can tell from a dog’s personality just at a few weeks old by observing how most any puppy interacts with his or her brothers and sisters.



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