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French Bulldog Facts and Dog Care Information

Updated on April 20, 2011

Some say that French Bulldogs descended from the British Bulldogs while others argue that French Bulldogs were bred from an ancient native dog breed to France. There are people who even believe that French Bulldogs were imported from Spain over to France during the 19'th century. Well, where ever French Bulldogs originated from perhaps doesn't even really matter. What matters is what this dog greed is like today and what they bring to the table with their attributes.

Appearance, Health, and Life Span

French Bulldogs have short, fine, easy to groom coats. These canines have coats that often come in color variations of brindle, fawn, and pied. French Bulldogs or the Frenchie needs to have a quick groom brush up at least once or twice a week. Since Frenchies are such small sized dogs, they take little time and effort to groom.

French Bulldogs are a flat nosed breed of dog so they are extremely sensitive when they exercise in hot weather, so it’s best to avoid trying to exercise a Frenchie in hot weather. French Bulldogs have thick large faces that have high set bat like ears connected to their heads. French Bulldogs have small but dense wide muscular bodies. Frenchies have incredibly short tails, and small flat paws. Usually French Bulldogs have brown eyes, but their eyes can come in other colors like reddish browns, light browns, hazels, greens, and blues, but it is rare for Frenchies to have other eye colors than a standard dark brown.

French Bulldogs are generally healthy purebred dogs that live roughly between 11 and a half to 12 and a half years on average. Considering that these are purebred dogs Frenchies are on the low end for developing and hereditary health issues compared to other purebred dogs.

These canines have withers that stand at 12 inches high. The French Bulldog tends to weigh in at healthy weights between 23 to 28 and a half pounds. The male French Bulldogs are larger than the female French Bulldogs on average. Overall male French Bulldogs and female French Bulldogs are the same with most characteristics, except for female French Bulldogs are generally easier to train and make slightly better family pets than male French Bulldogs.

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Personalities and Temperaments

Frenchies are an impressively intelligent breed of dog, especially when you compare them to other breeds of Bulldogs. French Bulldogs are one of the best well rounded canines for their personalities and temperaments. French Bulldogs are dogs that are good with children on 90% of the time. Not only are these dogs that are good with children, but they're also a dog breed that tends to get along well with other dogs and house pets decently too. If you're looking for a loyal, trustworthy, reliable, and courageous pet, then look no further. French Bulldogs get an A+ with their personalities and temperaments.

These purebred dogs are low maintenance, and are dogs good for apartments too. Not only are Frenchies dogs good for apartments and city life, but French Bulldogs can live in rural areas and suburban areas too.


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