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Christmas Dog Collar

Updated on November 26, 2014

Help Your Dog get in the Christmas Mood with a Festive Collar

Getting into the holiday spirit means decorating your home, baking delicious goodies and, for pet lovers, letting your pets in on the fun. A Christmas dog collar makes your pooch even more adorable than he already is while bringing a tinge of holiday joy to all of your family and friends this holiday season. Finding the right Christmas collar for your dog doesn't have to be difficult. Find the style that you like and a design your pup can live with, and you can move on to more important things--like baking those gingerbread-shaped dog biscuits.

Before purchasing a Christmas dog collar, consider the type of collar your dog will tolerate. If he doesn't typically wear a collar, you'll want to choose one that hangs loosely. If your dog tends to bristle at any extra adornments around his neck, choose a basic collar with a festive holiday design. Collars with jingle bells may only be appropriate for those dogs that won't go chasing their tails looking for the noise. Consider how easy it is to remove the collar for those pets that you dress and undress each day. Finally, remember that quality construction plays an important role in the life of a pet who is tied up outdoors each day, or for the dog you walk on a leash regularly. You certainly want a cute Christmas dog collar to perform exactly the way an everyday collar would perform.

Other accessories for your dog to consider might include a Christmas-inspired leash, booties for dogs with sensitive feet or a festively designed dog bed. Get into the spirit this season by outfitting your dog just like the rest of the family. After all, your pet often plays the role of the best-loved family member.

Yellow Dog Design

The Standard Collar by Yellow Dog design comes in three sizes to fit any dog from a Bernese Mountain Dog to a Toy Poodle. Christmas designs include fun green and red polka dots, elf-like stockings or classic ornament shapes in green and red. Your pup is sure to love whichever you choose and you'll appreciate the easy off/on clip.

This basic collar is made by a reputable company. Your dog won't know the difference between this collar and his plain, old black one. An Amazon rating of 4.5 stars points to a lot of happy pet owners.

Kyjen Holiday Dog Bell Collar

This adorable soft and stretchy dog collar is candy cane striped and adorned with four jingling bells. Not only will your pet look delicious, you'll also be able to hear him coming. The elastic collar makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze.

With three sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your pooch. The soft material won't irritate even the fussiest of pups, but make sure your dog can tolerate a little bit of jingling when he moves.

Premier Jingle Bell Collar

A classic-looking jingle bell collar brings joy every time it jingles. Available in three sizes, each with adjustable straps, your pet will surely find a comfortable fit. The Christmas dog collar is available in a sturdy red or green nylon with four lightweight jingle bells.

A perfect fit for dogs who spend a lot of time off-leash running outdoors. You'll never have to wonder just where your dog darted off to during the Christmas season because you'll hear his bells long before you see his innocent eyes.

Christmas Argyle Ribbon Collars

This nylon dog collar takes the classic look of argyle and puts it into a delightful collar for your dog. The sizing is extremely versatile with sizes extra-small to large. The red, green and white argyle design goes perfectly with any argyle accessories included in your own holiday wardrobe.

This classic collar exudes the warm, cozy memories of your childhood Christmases. Made by Pet Product, it has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Critter Gear Adjustable Snowflake Collar

You can't go wrong with this 5-star rated seasonal dog collar. Handmade in the United States, the adjustable collar is available in three festive designs including a snowflake pattern, candy canes or Christmas trees. The nylon collar is covered with the soft cotton design, making this Christmas dog collar machine washable.

The snowflake design can easily wear right through the whole winter season and the soft, cotton exterior will rest nicely on the neck of even finicky dogs.

Kyjen Santa Bandana

Although not an actual Christmas dog collar, if you're just looking to lighten the mood in your home this holiday season, the Santa Bandana will do the trick. A velvety red bandana slides right over the top of your dog's head.

A single jingle bell adorns the tip of the bandana. The easy on and off design will please anyone wanting a convenient way to dress up the dog for Christmas.

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