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Buying Christmas Snow Globes?

Updated on November 25, 2014

Why not Decorate your Home this Christmas with a Snow Globe?

With Christmas coming soon, there are many thoughts on what to give as gifts or to use for decorating. People love this festive season and the choices out there to help decorate homes. One of the oldest and simplest pieces you can add to your decor is by purchasing Christmas snow globes. Choosing the perfect snow globe for you can be difficult with so many choices out there. Here is a look of some of the top rated Christmas snow globes to help you narrow down your choices.

Thomas Kinkade Santa Globe

This is a beautifully handcrafted snow globe. It has a lovely vintage look of Santa in a train car. It is very well priced for any wallet and a beautiful Christmas collectable. The engine of the train plays "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and has foil like snow that descends around Santa. It is sized well that makes it easy for storing. It also fits easily into any Christmas scene.

It is very uniquely made and a great piece for giving as a gift. The music plays softly as a lovely flow of background sounds that add just enough Christmas touch to any home. It is rated really well at four stars and though, small it is a real collectable item.

Kids and Snowman Globe

Very well crafted, of all the Christmas snow globes, this one has the right amount of elegance and fun to it. It is perfect for adding to a collection, giving as a gift or using for decorations. It is reasonably priced and is sized well and of good quality. The music is not too loud or too quiet and plays a beautiful festive melody that is great back ground noise while decorating a tree or baking cookies.

Collectors will really love the quiet elegance of this snow globe. It has more of a winter scene to it rather than Christmas that makes it a great table centerpiece even after Christmas is over. It is perfectly made that anyone of any age will enjoy it.

Santa Candle Snow Globe

Of all the Christmas snow globes, this one is very unique. It is a beautiful flameless candle that has Santa inside it, mounted on a pedestal. It is a true reflection of the magic of Christmas. It has a simple on and of switch it illuminate it and the light is not over powering but will be a great substitute for real candles on the table at Christmas dinner. It is also great to use a decorative piece on a mantle or coffee table. It comes highly rated at four and a half stars and is well crafted.

The snow suspends perfectly in it like that of a lazy snowfall. It is very pretty. There is a cord that runs from the base to the lighted part of the candle but it is small and not in the way. This candle snow globe makes a wonderful addition to any collection or given as a gift, especially a pre-Christmas gift. It is durable and can be used year after year.

Musical Rotating Christmas Globe

This snow globe though, is a little more expensive, but it is also more active. It rotates as well as plays a lively melody. It shows Santa suspended over a city in his sleight and reindeer and is very much a magical Christmas scene. It is great for those interested in a classic Christmas look. It is rated at four stars and is a great decorating piece or to be given as a gift. Children will love this piece and will enjoy to watch it as the train in the village seem to "move" as the scene rotates.

The music is a little overpower in a silent room but is just perfect for a room filled with activity such as baking with the kids or decorating with the kids. It is a great decorative piece that works well as a table center piece or place on a small table. A great collectors choice.

Angels Christmas Globe

This Christmas snow globe is geared more towards a religious theme for those who enjoy that part of Christmas. It resounds beautifully the tune of "O Holy Night" and is lovely for soft background noise. It is two angels holding the small globe that has a classic nativity scene.

It is durable and well crafted and fits very well with any nativity scene decor or even on its own as a center piece. It is well priced for any budget and makes a great gift. It is rated highly at five stars and fits into any traditional Christmas decorations, especially since it has classic Christmas colours to it.

Church Snow Globe

Rated at four stars, this has a beautiful country feel to it. It features a lovely old style church surrounded in tree with a horse drawn sleigh in front of it. The base is beautifully painted making this globe very elegant. It plays the tune of "The First Noel" and the sound is not over powering but just the right pitch. However, it does go through the song quickly. Because of it's classic winter look, it fits well with Christmas dcor but also can be used as a winter decorating piece.

It is a good size, neither too large or too small and works well as a center piece to any table. It is perfect for any collection or to give as a gift. A great way to add some country charm to your dcor.

Snow Globes make a Lovely Christmas Decoration

Christmas snow globes are a great way to add some elegance to your decorating and great for collecting. They are beautiful pieces that go with many decorating ideas. The music is loved by kids and adults alike. They are great gifts for friends and family.

Do you Like Snow Globes?

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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Great hub. My son collects snowglobes, he loved them since he was little. He has them for all occasions but his prize is his winter holiday snowglobe collection that comes out every year. So every year he gets one under the tree.

      Last year I got him that flameless candle one-- let me tell you, it is BEAUTIFUL! It is a nice size, too, and looks gorgeous lit up.

      Nice selection here.