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Strange Exotic Pets

Updated on March 29, 2012

Exotic Pet: Strange Animals at home

Exotic pets are strange or unusual pets which are not usually thought of as pets. These weird animals are just too rare or too dangerous to keep as pets. These strange animals at home can be a nightmare for many but to exotic pet owners, they are just their cute and adorable pets. These are the five deadly animals which are all able to kill a human but they live at home with their dedicated exotic pet owners.

Exotic Pets: Big Cats

Cats are cute and adorable pets. Their soft fur and innocent eyes makes us love these creatures. But think again. Not all cats are so adorable.

Big cats like lions and tigers are beautiful animals. People are always intrigued to keep these wonderful creatures as pets. But these large cats are not as easy to handle as small kittens. They are large both in size and temperament. Their sharp nails and powerful paws can be quite destructive. Their wild instincts are difficult to control. Also big cats are quite smelly (imagine you're living room sprayed with lion urine).

Surprisingly, lions and tigers are easy and comparatively inexpensive to buy as exotic pets. So getting a big cat to your home as exotic pet will not be too painful, at least to your pocket.

Pet Lion
Pet Lion

Exotic Pets Pictures

Pet Alligator
Pet Alligator
Pet Alligator
Pet Alligator
Pet Anaconda
Pet Anaconda
Pet Anaconda
Pet Anaconda
Pet Tiger
Pet Tiger

Exotic Pets: Alligators

Have you ever thought about keeping an alligator as a pet? Surely many of us will immediately move our heads in refusal but it is truth that an alligator is a strange and exotic pet.

An alligator is known to us as a deadly carnivore, chopping bones with its large jaws. But does an alligator has the elegance to prove itself as a pet? For many, the answer is yes. Keeping an alligator as an exotic pet is surely an adventurous task. With its strong deadly jaws filled with sharp teeth, a longer body and a mean state of mind, an alligator is a very dangerous animal. In addition to this, you should remember that an alligator is a reptile, not a mammal. So it is not as easy to train as a Poodle. This cold blooded reptile also requires many additional precautions. The temperature should be kept at a constant level to keep this strange pet of yours comfortable. UV rays are needed to help this exotic pet absorb calcium. In addition to this, a lot of documentations are also needed to legally own an alligator as an exotic pet. If you're happy with these then go forward and get your exotic pet home.

Exotic Pets: Anaconda

Reaching more than 6.6m in length and weighing almost 100 pounds, the anaconda is one of the largest snakes in the world. This animal is even claimed to swallow humans. But the truth is that an anaconda is an exotic pet to many.

It is a huge challenge to keep an anaconda as an exotic pet. They are huge snakes. In addition to their huge size, an anaconda is a mighty powerful snake. It is non venomous but hugs its victim to death. It is in no way submissive. It is known to be very aggressive when kept in captivity. So it is a tough ask to keep an Anaconda as your exotic pet.

Exotic Pets Pictures

Pet Scorpion
Pet Scorpion
Emperor Scorpion
Emperor Scorpion
Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spider

Exotic Pets: Scorpions

The idea of keeping a scorpion as an exotic pet could sound ridiculous to most of us but actually scorpions are getting increasingly popular as exotic pets. Specially emperor scorpions are quite famous exotic pets. The name of scorpions projects the image of their venomous sting which can easily kill any human but the truth is that scorpions are quite good pets. They are easy to care for and not very easy. Having a life span of 6-8 years, they are a fairly long term commitment. In addition to this, emperor scorpions are also not very venomous as compared to other scorpions. The sting is much like a bee sting in pain and usually medical consultation is not needed. They can be housed inside a glass aquarium. Feeding is also not a very big problem as their main diet include invertebrates which are easy to find in your backyard. So overall a scorpion can be a good choice for exotic pet.

Exotic Pets: Black Widow Spiders

The name of a black widow is enough to give us goose bumps. A creature so merciless that it feeds on its own partner. Black widow spiders possesses a strong neuro- toxin which can be severely painful. Deaths are rare, almost 1%, but the pain makes it one of the most dreaded creepy creatures. But it is not enough to intrigue some people to keep it as their exotic pet.

A black widow spider as an exotic pet can seem to be adventurous but for many people they are a cute and shy creature. It is easy to take care. The diet include all types of insects and can be neglected for weeks and even months without any pain. They can be easily kept in a moderate size bug cage and can live happily at room temperature. So how do you like a black widow as your exotic pet?


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      People who don't own exotic pets don't understand it's the same as owning a dog or cat in the fact that you take proper care of them and love them, and devote years of your life to their wellbeing, comfort and safety and most of the time a lot of exotic pet owners treat them better then the 'wild' ever would. If they were to live in the wild most of them wouldn't last long due to hunting, weather conditions and new housing being built in their natural environment. My whole life I have been raised with exotic animals and at the moment I have a python and she is my little baby, I love her more then I could any dog or cat, and she wouldn't make it in the wild at all so im giving her a better life then she would have out there.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Why yes, I have watched "fatal attractions" . You want to know what it looked like to me? It looked like some biased animals rights activists painting us exotic keepers in a bad light. They bend the truth, trick owners and friends of owner into going on it by saying that it will not be biased, and they then, make us look like deranged pyschopaths. It is also mentioned, that these animals could escape and become invasive. Other than a few restricted areas in the USA, there is virtually no where these animals could survive in this environment. And also, have any of you who are opposed to keeping exotics ever owned a hamster? Budgie? Guinea pig? Rat? Mouse? Rabbit? Anything other that a dog or cat? There is a name for those animals. It's called: EXOTIC.PET.

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 

      5 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      Nice hub that I accidentally ran into.

      All the keepers o exotic pets should be made to watch the program 'Fatal Attractions' on Animal Planet.


    • Shaddie profile image


      6 years ago from Washington state

      Interesting hub, but I have to inform you - the image you posted where the child is laying down with the supposed "anaconda," that snake is ACTUALLY a Burmese python.

    • htodd profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      strange ..Nice info

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm against exotic ownership except for people who know what they are doing and follow zoological standards. The animal kingdom would be a very different place if it were not for captive breeding which boost endangered number. Captive born animals don't have as much instinct as they would in the wild so left wing activists saying they should all be "freed" are very wrong as the animals would end up dying a slow death compared to a cooshy lifestyle in captivity.

    • anasshad profile imageAUTHOR

      Anas Shad 

      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for expressing your view Doodle.

      Yes its true. Every eco system have a very delicate balance and that can be easily destroyed by these non native animals.

    • doodlebugs profile image


      7 years ago from Southwest

      I hope that people become more aware of the problems associated with releasing non native species into the wild. Florida's ecosystem is a mess, because of animals such as pythons taking over in some places.

    • anasshad profile imageAUTHOR

      Anas Shad 

      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Yes I absolutely agree with you Gina. These animals are naturally designed for freedom, not to be confined to the concrete walls of our homes. The laws should be made for strict.

      Thanks for expressing your view. Hope to see more of your visits.

    • GinaCPocan profile image


      7 years ago from Chicago

      I liked the subject matter. Thanks for this hub. I do not support exotic pet keeping. These animals belong in the wild and should stay there. They serve a purpose in our ecosystem. It's wrong to take them out of their habitats and even more wrong to breed them in captivity. We have animals that are designed to be pets. If they don't like those choices, then maybe they should buy stuffed animals. I think the laws should get stiffer for people possessing these animals especially those with children, They're only inviting potential disasters. People get them cause they think they are cool, nothing practical. Some people who get them, especially alligators and snakes, will set them free after they get big enough. So now even in the Northern cities we can find alligators and all varieties of snakes in our sewer systems. This will eventually become a lethal epidemic. Something people brought on themselves because now these animals are able to adjust to the colder climates.


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