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Fish Tank Decor - Fish Tank Aquarium Decorations

Updated on August 30, 2011

Fish Tank Decorations

Here's a great selection of decorations to liven up your fish tank. If you're looking to add some fun elements or just a bit of color and interest, here's some great items to include. Fish tank decorations come in all shapes and sizes, from fun themed items to classic undewater ornaments, you'll be sure to find something that fits your tank perfectly from the selection below.

No matter what size tank you have, there is a fish tank decoration to fit! Empty tanks look too sparse, regardless of how beautiful your fish are. By adding some fish tank decor you are creating a vivid underwater scene that will provide hours of enjoyment for both you, and your fish!

Fish Tank Decorations

Here's a selection of fish tank decor to add to your tank, there's something for every budget. Even adding the smallest element can make all the difference visually.

A well kept fish tank can be a real feature in a room, by adding some decor to the tank not only are you creating your own little underwater world but you are also providing something for the fish to interact with.

These decorations are really fun and would look great in any tank. It's fun to watch the fish interact with the decor, swimming in and out of the holes and exploring their underwater landscape.

If you are looking for a fish tank decoration that has a special effect, the ARIO Volcano listed top on the right erupts with safe red bubbles. It's designed for a tank up to 26 gallons and 14 inches deep.

Another decoration that sends out bubbles is the JW Pet Company Shell to the right. This attaches to the airline and bubbles flow from inside the shell.

There are so many different types of fish tank decoration that it's difficult to choose.

Scroll down for more decorations, ornaments, fish tank plants and colored gravel.

Fish Tank Plants

Plants really make a fish tank come alive, they provide shelter for the fish, add color and generally make the tank more attractive.

These plants are weighted so all you have to do is drop them into the tank where you want them positioned. Plants may lose their color over time, but as they are relatively cheap, they can easily be replaced if needed.

Fish Tank Gravel

When setting up a fish tank it's a really good idea to use gravel. Not only does it make the tank look more attractive, it lines the tank and helps to increase beneficial bacterial in the tank that is good for the fish.

Gravel comes in a rainbow of beautiful colors so you can really make your tank stand out if you want. If your prefer a more natural look, go fo the pebble beach look gravel.

If you're feeling really creative, you could mix and match colors in layers to give a really unique look to your tank.

You should use 2 pounds of fish tank gravel for every gallon of water in the tank.


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