my sick cat

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    Jo Stephensposted 9 years ago

    Please help me diagnose my ill cat...
         On Sunday, November 28, 2008, I returned home to find my cat "Poo" in a very bad way. I took him to the emergency vet. Poo presented with a high fever, 104.3. and a discharge in his left ear. The emergency vet gave Poo a shot and asked for LOTS of tests which I could not afford.
        The following Monday, I took Poo to our regular vet. Poo still presented with a high fever and the discharge. The vet started a regimin of ear washing and antibiotic drops. I returned with Poo daily for 4 days whin his temp spiked to 106.3. We were losing the war.
    The vet did an ear culture which finally came back on Thursday, January 8,2009. The title eludes me now, but the course of treatment involved "Tressiderm [excuse my spelling] drops in his ear twice daily. The med is kept in the frige and used cold...anyway, last night I came home to Poo and noted his left pupil( the infection is in his left ear)  was fixed and dialated. The vet wants LOTS of tests and therefore LOTS of dollars I don't have. I did have a complete blood count done...normal results. I had a urinalysis done...slightly elevated cretine leve, but no answer or clue to this issue......
        Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to how I can help my beloved Poo?
        You can respond to me directly at
        Thank you for reading this post and for your advice...I am scared I will lose my kitty ( he is 9).                             Sincerely, Jo
         P.S. When Poo became ill he dropped his body weight rapidly from 10 lbs to today he is 6.9lbs...he eats, does not vomit, elimates, but does not seem to regain the weight lost.

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    intellifaxposted 9 years ago

    I notice you posted 2 weeks ago, sorry to hear about poo, hows he doing now?

    Fellow animal lover.