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My cat is sick-- Could it be "just the kidneys?" Perfectly normal one day, so s

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    sandykay61posted 7 years ago

    My cat is sick-- Could it be "just the kidneys?"  Perfectly normal one day, so sick the next.

    7 days ago my 2 yr. old cat,...started vomiting--Started w/ hairball.  After 2 days of vomiting I took him to the vet-they suspected obstruction or toxins. No Obstruction- X-ray showed round shaped kidneys w/ irregular, almost scalloped edges.  Blood test showed Kidney # 42-Liver - # 130.  Started IV fluids & Metoclopromide for the vomiting.  Then diarrhea--stool had sm. amt. blood - very mucousy-Stool Test showed slight infection.  Started Metronidazole (anti-biotic).  He is only vomiting 1x day now, has little appetite.  Will not drink water-

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    hglickposted 7 years ago

    Your cat seems too young to develop kidney failure. Your vet suspected toxins, which is possible. It is very difficult to determine what kind of toxin your cat might have ingested. The IV fluids are very important if your cat is not drinking.
    I would continue the regimen that your vet has suggested.

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    Suiikiposted 7 years ago

    Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat? What kinds of plants does your cat have access to? Cats are notorious for eating plants that can make them sick. Dahlias are a big one...I had to pull all of mine up because the neighbour's kitty kept trying to sneak over and nibble at the leaves and flowers!

    I suggest searching up the names of any plants your kitty can get at, to see if they are toxic to small animals. MistyHorizon2003 has an excellent hub on plants that can be dangerous for cats and dogs, I believe, though I may have confused her with another hubber (It has been a while since I read that one)

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    Lifeallstar1posted 7 years ago

    Did they see cysts in the kidneys? Cats can go a long time with that issue but it does catch up to them. That's too young to be at the catch up stage but sounds like the cat has some infection and the anti-biotics will hopefully do the trick. Let me know!!