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    JackofallTrades02posted 5 years ago
    I own a $1200 Persian cat named Shelby.  Typically, Persian cats have an extremely docile temperament- which is quite evident in my own.  They tend to bond with their owners and even understands simple commands.  Shelby is very aware of the word "no" and shows this understanding by either choosing to listen or how she goes about disobeying me.  If I tell her to sit down, she will do it as told, but then she will cautiously wait for me to be preoccupied before sprinting off to something that she originally wanted to do.  She has many habits that are carried out daily.  Each morning when my alarm sounds off, she stretches and walks to her food bowl, patiently waiting for me to get up and refill it.  Then, she sits down near the bath tub and admiringly stares at my face the entire time I bathe.  Finally, when I walk to my bedroom to fix my hair/put on makeup in front of my full-length mirror before work, she follows me to the mirror and sits next to me while I get ready.  When I get home each evening, she jumps up from wherever she is and greets me at the door.  I have a large comfy chair that I sit in each night while i watch tv before bed.  No matter where she is, as soon as she hears me sit in this chair, she walks up to it and waits for me to pick her up and place her in my lap.  Finally when my bedtime arrives, she typically wants to be alone and off to the side until the middle of the night.  At that time, she meows until I get pick her up and place her in the bed with me.  Im not quite sure why she does this because she's fully able to jump in the bed herself.  Once that alarm rings in the morning, the same cycle continues into another day in the life of Shelby and Erin.

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      Repairguy47posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      For 1200 bucks that cat ought to be driving you to work!