rescue boxers

  1. Jackie Low profile image59
    Jackie Lowposted 2 years ago

    Hi there i am new to your site but am trying to get some real help. My question is i have a home boarding business which is great and have been asked by a boxer rescue center if i could take some of there rescue in that don't do well in kennels to which i said i would be delighted to help as i am a huge boxer lover and have had them all my life and have 2 of my own at the moment as i have never had a rescue before i was really apprehensive and worried how they would get on.My dogs are used to all my home boarders coming and going without a problem.When i have a new boarder coming they come to meet me and my dogs to make sure everything is okay and it always has been but i didnt know how it would go with 2 boxers that had been in rescue because there human mum had died.I did realise that it was going to be stressful for them so they came and we all went for a walk these dogs hadn't had a proper walk for 10 weeks and everything was fine and they were all running around at the beach then all of a sudden a fight broke out and one of the rescue boxers just wouldn't stop and and had its teeth sunk in my girls back eventually we managed to stop it but i was so upset because my two have never been in a fight or a scrape and now i am frightened its going to happen again . I have been reading a lot over the last couple of days about introducing dogs and i may have been to eager for the rescues to be free and happy that i have done it all wrong im really needing some good advice as to go from here i have kept them separated with a gate for the last 2 days and i dont know even if this is correct i don't want to give up on them but really need some good guidance if anyone can help i would be eternally grateful