My dog is in a very critical state.Can you Plz suggest a free vet online?

  1. Ravichandran91 profile image50
    Ravichandran91posted 8 years ago

    My dog is in a very critical state.Can you Plz suggest a free vet online?

    I have a pet dog (Breed: Spitz) who is 12 Yrs  old! For the last four months he has stopped having food.Blood reports show liver complications for which Vets prescribed Antibiotics and Silymarin  suspension.Around 4 weeks back, suddenly there was inflammation of his Testicles . The inflammation was also coupled with blister on the scrotum and pus discharge . Similarly there is a lesion on his hind leg. He has also developed ascites   His stools are also black and very loose..Pls help because the vet here has given up too soon

  2. Miss Know-It-All profile image53
    Miss Know-It-Allposted 8 years ago

    I've looked everywhere also and I never found anything,  I know that at the Vet you pay after they are taken care of, also try calling a few vet's and ask them if you can do payment installments. Good Luck, my heart is out for you, I just lost my 6 year old rottie a month ago sad

  3. neoyyf profile image80
    neoyyfposted 8 years ago

    If i were you, i would let this dog go...From the sounds of thngs, you love this dog enough to spend all your money on vet fees to the point you can't afford it anymore.  Your dog is not eating because it is telling you that it wants to give up. 12 years is very old for a dog.  If it does not run around like it used to, it is time to let go.  It is an act of love.