Can I feed 2 day old kittens kmr & goats milk rotate them or just goats milk?

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    amberlyprestonposted 8 years ago

    Can I feed 2 day old kittens kmr & goats milk rotate them or just goats milk?

    I found a mother cat who does not look older then 6 months about a week ago. I took her in and she gave birth to 3 kittens which are now 2 days old. She was a trooper during birth and did it all herself, she even fed that night and the next day but has since stopped. I have tried to force her to lay down & feed them but is not working so well. I have called several shelters to see if they will take them and I have been told no. Can you please help. I have raised new born puppies on goats milk can I do the same thing with kittens?

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    PrettyPantherposted 8 years ago

    Hi amberly.  You can find kitten milk formulated especially for kittens in pet stores.  It would be the most nutritious for them.  I'm not sure how good of a substitute goat's milk would be, but you could probably call and veterinarian and find out.  Good luck!

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    kittens4djposted 8 years ago

    My Hub about my cat Sherman is an excellent example of an answer to this question. He hated KMR so we had to find something else for him to eat. The solution was fresh goats milk. He did absolutly fantastic on the goats milk.It is much easier for them to digest than cows milk. He grew into a large and very happy and healthy cat. He was a bit older than your kittens but I think you will have good luck with the goats milk, freah is better but I am sure canned will do fine too. I would not alternate for the simple fact that their little stomaches would be hard pressed to tolerate the constant change of food. The shelters will turn you down for the most part because they simply do not have the time or the personel to keep the babies fed every four hours and to do potty detail just as often. I know this for a fact as I worked in a Vet Clinic/Shelter as a Tech for 17 years and managed a Shelter for 4 additional years. Good luck with your babies. I so love the little kittens, good luck again.