My Leopards a bit small

  1. Justy26 profile image52
    Justy26posted 7 years ago

    My Leopards a bit small

    what you have to say can only be gathered by "been there done that" How do I get a leo which im 99% sure of is a female, to catch up in the growth department??? she is laging from here sibling! I have got your leopard mushy concuction and maybe give her that as a booster. What you say.

    Thanks from a Sunny South Africa


  2. Whitney05 profile image81
    Whitney05posted 7 years ago

    Not all geckos grow at the same pace, and as long as the gecko is eating normally and isn't skinny, there's no reason to force weight gain or growth.

    If they are housed together, there could be bullying, which is where I'd recommend separate enclosures. When there's a size difference, it's most ideal to keep geckos in different enclosures.

    I wouldn't put the gecko on the slushy mix unless the gecko is refusing food and is losing weight. If the gecko is just small, don't stress it and make sure that the gecko is still eating fine.