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Horses what good are they?

  1. bschrodt profile image57
    bschrodtposted 7 years ago

    Horses what good are they?

    let me know what you think good or bad give details as to why you feel this way

  2. pendell2 profile image61
    pendell2posted 7 years ago

    Historically, horses have been a primary means of transportation and work power for many civilizations.

         This role, though, pretty much ended when Polish cavalry entered combat against German Panzer tanks 70 years ago.

        Today, at least in civilized nations, horses are used almost exclusively for recreation and sport.

  3. bschrodt profile image57
    bschrodtposted 7 years ago

    pendell2 thanks for your answer as concise and well researched as it is it does not state your personal opinion which I was mainly trying to get from others. If you would like to come back and go from personal feelings I would enjoy that very much since a debate has continued in my home about them.

  4. wychic profile image88
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    I'm from Wyoming, and here the primary use of horses is for work...we have a fairly rugged terrain and where other states have "upgraded" to 4-wheelers for riding fences and working cows, we still use horses. Of those who do not work on ranches and farms with their horses, many are in rodeo and other horseback competitions. Personally, to me they are extremely relaxing to be around and to ride, they are the best form of exercise I've ever found (especially for strengthening and toning abdominal muscles), and they're excellent therapy -- both physical and psychological. On occasion I volunteer at a local equine therapy organization and it's amazing what just grooming or riding a horse can do for people's confidence; people who come there are anywhere from clinically depressed to people with Down's syndrome, MS, cerebral palsy, and even missing limbs or partial paralysis and there's always a noticeable change within minutes of them beginning work with the horse.

  5. grimesgirl profile image54
    grimesgirlposted 6 years ago

    Horses are a great animal. I learned to ride at 6 years old and since then horses have been a part of my life. Having horses to care for and ride as a teenager helped me get through those years. i had traumatic things happen to me and horses were my survival. Horses have earned me and my family a living. They put a roof over our head and food in our stomachs. Now I want to pay back horses for all they've done for me. Thoroughbred race horses need help in finding homes, fields of grass to graze and play in. All horses need a place to live the rest of their lives and not be put down just because they are old. I've had many horse friends in my life. Many dear horse friends who have past on to the other side, but remembered always.