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What Are Wild Horses? Are They To Be Found In The Jungle?

  1. ngureco profile image82
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    What Are Wild Horses? Are They To Be Found In The Jungle?

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    Sasha Sposted 8 years ago

    There is only one speciesof wild horse left in the world: the equus ferus przewalskii, or Przewalskii Horse. Native to the Gobi Desert and Central Asia, the Przewalskii is now an endangered species and many are kept in zoos, however, several hundred do still exist in the wild in Mongolia having been recently reintroduced.

    What many people assume to be wild horses - such as the Mustang - are in fact feral horses; a feral horse is a species of horse that was domesticated in the past and escaped to form herds which now exist in the wild so while they are untamed, some of their instincts and genetic code will have been moulded in the past through selective breeding by the breeders of their ancestors.

    No horses live in the jungle that I know of, although, it could be possible that one or two have escaped and do - but not in any great number.

    Hope it helps!

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    arcbuddyposted 8 years ago

    The only true wild horse that was never domesticated that still exists today is the Mongolian Wild Horse native to Central Asia and the Gobi Desert.

    Domesticated feral horses roam freely and include Mustangs in the United States and Brumbies in Australia.

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    9876490posted 7 years ago

    no they are not found in the jungle. A wiled animel is when an animel does not have an owner and it is not owned by a farm.

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    ahorsebackposted 7 years ago

    There are leftover wild mustangs in different parts of the US and Canada, they are on wild preserves , you can see them also on some coastal islands in the atlantic coast.  North Carolina , Georgia , etc.  Look up  I.R.A.M.  wild mustanges on the net too.  It's a beautiful place in South Dakota.

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    HorseRider33posted 7 years ago

    Well because I ride horses nearly every month i would understand about it , so let me talk you through it with you:

    School horses born from another school horse that pony turns up in to a school pony as well if you ride on a trail like me then you would see such beautiful horses but when you say what is a wild horse it means that you shouldn't ride them what i mean is that they are wild horses that means they are too be free all the time unlike a school horse.