9 dogs 2 horse 3 goats 4 preg uwes and 1 ram includeing neighbors cats

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    kyle johnsonposted 10 years ago

    hi my name is kyle im 13 years old  just joined
    umm i was refered to this websight by steve piliack a great bonsia guy at my school!
      i  have 8 dogs 1 is my great pryneese named bruin whos 9 weeks or so but acts like hes the boss ll seriouse not playfull at all hes gona be our guardian live stock dog when he gets 6 months!
    i have 5 border collies lex, chris, roy, jew, stella, 1 stardard poodle named andy, 1 cross between andy and lex (a polly!) it was an accident! the polly is cindy shes all black a purebread long hair jerman shepard names cane  our 2 horses are coacoa and nd jewel both in mid to late 20's jewel is still pretty wild with any1 but my mom on her and cocoa is just really laied back and relaxes like to walk
    our rams name is jack! we havent named the uwe's yet  our goats are billy,oreo,and chelsy
    our neighbor bil has several wild cats who like to come over and  visit i call then wild cause they have no  shots or anything! but their pretty demostocated! well i quess thats all lol

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    Jackilynposted 10 years ago

    Tha's nice, I got tons of hubs on exoitc animals.But, usually if you want everyone to know about yourself you usually put it on your profile page . Then publish a hub and start being fans that way once you published a hub and a fan drops by then they might read your hub. =] Okay, glad you joined.

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    Whitney05posted 10 years ago

    Wow, sounds like you have a houseful. Do you live on a farm? With all the herding dogs, it sounds like it.