i have resently got a rescu dog from a shelter and i want to know does any one

  1. shelly 15 profile image55
    shelly 15posted 7 years ago

    i have resently got a rescu  dog from a shelter and i want to know does any one no what cross he is

  2. Pamela Ellmer profile image59
    Pamela Ellmerposted 7 years ago

    He is a cross between an Angel and an Even Better Angel.
    The cross he's had to bare prior to your rescuing him can one can only image with horror. (Especially if he was abused)...but either way, dog's are MAN'S BESTEST LOYAL FRIEND and if he had to be separated from his MASTER. Devastation.
    You are a wonderful person for adopting a rescue (shelter) dog. Your dog knows it too.
    Remember, THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS.
    And we all have issues. Please ask about dogs anytime.
    I am honored that you took the time to read my response.
    Pamela Ellmer

  3. grejotte profile image77
    grejotteposted 7 years ago

    Pamela is right!

    And maybe you should consult a dog specialist if there is any rehabilitation to do, to help you also having no problems, and no behavior problems from the dog. If he already has some problems, a professionnal can help you to fix them.