Dear Susan, I'm looking for guidelines to help choose the best food for my two

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  1. Suzeaa profile image61
    Suzeaaposted 8 years ago

    Dear Susan,

    I'm looking for guidelines to help choose the best food for my two new kittens.

    I avoid corn, wheat, soy, potatoes, by-products, animal digest, preservatives, natural flavor, ethoxyquin and menadione.  I have and air/light proof food container I mixed these dry foods: California Natural Chicken & Rice, Nature's Variety Prairie, and Innova Cat & Kitten.  They eat it all.  For wet I got Lick Your Chops, Nature's Variety Instinct, Newman's Own, and Natural Balance.  Kittens gobble it down.  I give them filtered water (not bottled) to avoid chlorine, and they drink a lot of water.  Dry is always out, and they share a can in the AM and PM.  Am I missing anything?  Thanks.

  2. profile image0
    Jennifer Angelposted 8 years ago

    I have indoor cats too, but I don't believe in giving them specialized foods simply because they have squeezed out the front door on more than one occasion.

    Specialized foods are a trick to get you to pay more for your cat's food, by the company who makes them. If you look on the ingredient label, they are the same foods, with only one or two additives that may make your cats ill.

    Cats like to have grass to chew on, so buy a little tub of it at your local pet store, clip the growth from the pre-purchase period e.g. take the tips of about 2" worth, set it in a sunny location and remember to water it every two or three days depending on the moistness of the soil. (Finger test before you water every time).

    It took about a week for my kitties to realize they had grass in the window. Now, they stop by almost every day and chew a few at a go.

    I buy them dry Meow Mix - either the seafood blend or the original. We've not been sick since changing back to our original brand!

    Remember, everything out there is just hearsay, because it worked for one cat does not mean it will work for the next ten.
    Our Kitties are our pride and joys, no matter what the vet says, you know what's best for your purr box.

  3. Suzeaa profile image61
    Suzeaaposted 8 years ago

    Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Consumer Ratings

    Consumer reviews of Meow Mix brand cat food formulas are generally mixed. The fact that corn-based ingredients are always listed among the top five ingredients does not signify optimal nutrition for many cat owners. Since corn is difficult to digest, this could explain some customer complaints of their cats having gastrointestinal problems when being fed Meow Mix brand cat food. Artificial colors are also used in Meow Mix brand cat food, such as Red 40. This fact generally discourages cat owners from purchasing Meow Mix, in order to avoid feeding their cat food with chemical coloring. Cats seem to like the taste of Meow Mix brand cat food formulas, though this could be a result of the inclusion of artificial flavoring. Some sources state that Meow Mix cat food formulas contain 75% corn ingredients, though this is not confirmed.


  4. CASE1WORKER profile image68
    CASE1WORKERposted 8 years ago

    bagera says he prefers meat, which is why i fed him and his brother chicken, slowly roasted to preserve the flavour and then sliced into delicate man cat sized strips. He says that it is the best thing since well sliced chicken

    He does have one question, WHO IS SUSAN?


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