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Have never owned a cat in my life. Need advice on outdoor igloos and general car

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    Janet Mposted 7 years ago

    Have never owned a cat in my life. Need advice on outdoor igloos and general care of outdoor cats.

  2. HannahRiley profile image58
    HannahRileyposted 7 years ago

    I don't know what you mean by outdoor igloos? If you mean a house like dog's have, then I don't think that those are really necessary. Cats are very independent animals, and I seriously doubt they will sleep where they are supposed to. haha.

    Umm...I just say have food that is accessible, keep them away from roads, expect little treats of lizards and dead mice on your porch, don't get them declawed, and get them fixed so that they won't get pregnant or others pregnant! It is quite the problem these days:)

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    Janet Mposted 7 years ago

    Thanks for RSVPing, Hannah.  Here's some background info.  Two cats were "dumped" on a nearby property. These 2 showed up at my door starving.  Not used to being outdoors.  I fed them and got them to the nearest shelter.  They are filled and overfilled to capacity.  Would only agree to neuter/spay and have the vet give both cats required immunizations, but I had to pick them up, which I did.  Also got a cat carrier, put in a blanket and found the male cat asleep in it.   I am HIGHLY allergic to cats and MUST keep them outdoors (also the reason why I never owned a cat before).  Other cat owners said I really needed to provide them an outdoor igloo and a water source (heated birdbath) for the cold winters.  They are NOT declawed and are nowhere near a road.  If you think that I've done all I should (and can) and don't need to do more, then I'll take your advice.  I have named the male cat Rigel after one of the 3 brightest stars in Orion the Hunter constellation and have named the female Lyra after Lyra the Lyre constellation.  Both seen in fall/winter.  Have a theme going!

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    Jean Nashposted 7 years ago


    My most profound apologies, Janet.  I thought I replied to your question, but obviously, I was wrong. 

    First of all - good for you in taking care of the cats that were dumped on your property.  Not everyone would go the extra mile that you've done.

    Secondly - I respectfully disagree with Hannah Riley.  While cats are independent creatures, they most DEFINITELY need shelter, especially in the winter.  Depending on where you live, it can make a huge difference in a cat's life whether they have proper shelter or not.  There's a statistic Alleycat Allies puts out - outside, feral cats only live on average for 3-4 years.  Most of this is due to NOT having proper food, fresh water AND proper shelter.

    There are several places to get an igloo - you might try Amazon or PetCo.  Also, make sure you provide fresh water & food on a daily basis.

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    Misty39posted 7 years ago

    Igloos are not warm by no means for any animal,I usually put loads of hay around the Igloo then put a tarp with an opening in it for entrance an exit,be sure to tack the tarp down good with maybe big heavy rocks etc.,I would also put a cats bed or a couple old towels in for further warmth an comfort,I found at wal-mart a heated water bowl,I'm not sure if they have them  now or not maybe try a few pets stores but they work wonders,also great for keeping cats can food warm in bad winter months.I cannot sleep well if I knew an animal is out side in freezing cold weather and hungry.Good luck