How long does it usually take to house-train a dog?

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    MeAmigoposted 7 years ago

    How long does it usually take to house-train a dog?

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    Jason Hillposted 7 years ago

    This generally takes several weeks. You have to be patient and consistent or it might take longer. One of the best methods is to offer the dog a reward after each time it goes potty outside. Then, when it has an accident inside, use a stern voice, point to the area the dog had an accident and make sure the dog knows why your scolding it. Make the dog go outside and remind it that going potty is only ok outside. You might want to keep newspaper on the floor for awhile until the dog is trained, this will help with clean up.

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    LiorSTposted 7 years ago

    House training a dog depends on a few things: age, demeanor, your persistence and the conditions available.

    If by house-training you mean simply potty train it, then it should take a couple of weeks-a month if done properly. Your best bet is to use a crate, and keep mistakes from happening, they are 100% your fault if they happen, and the dog should not be scorned or yelled at - it will only make things worse.
    I can't say this enough times, yelling at a puppy and scorning it can lead to serious issues especially if it's new to you and you're still bonding, its the worst kind of communication to use at that particular point and can lead to trust issues and paranoia.