How long does it usually take to make a hubpage?

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  1. profile image56
    biowriter405posted 11 years ago

    Hi everybody!

    I just joined this community yesterday in hopes of not completely wasting my winter break. I see that a lot of you have hundreds of hubs in place.. how long do you spend making them on average?

    I'm a full-time university student and really don't want this taking up too much of my time, but of course I want to be successful here.

    I found it so stimulating creating my first two hubpages! This is really a great place to share ideas and do little research projects. Sure keeps one's mind awake!

    All the best,

  2. jimmythejock profile image85
    jimmythejockposted 11 years ago

    if you have your story already written in word or note pad you can put a hub together in 5 minutes.......jimmy

  3. Lissie profile image74
    Lissieposted 11 years ago

    Yeah always write the text in some other program because text capsules have been known to do weird things.  My longer hubs can take about 4 hours it write and then compile in HP (adding links videos etc) The research varies widely depending on how much I know on the topic

  4. profile image56
    biowriter405posted 11 years ago

    Thank you very much, I'll try my best! Now.. let's just hope this won't distract me from my studies smile

  5. darkside profile image80
    darksideposted 11 years ago

    Anywhere between 30 minutes and 8 hours. Depending on the topic and just how narrow my focus is on that particular aspect of the subject matter.

    Like Jimmy, I use Notepad. I'll go and research it, write down my thoughts, rewrite the points that are too good to waste from the other sources, save links if I'm going to quote from any particular source, summarise the content for an introduction, find products at Amazon that complement (copy and paste the ASIN's or ISBN's), and grab YouTube URL's if I need them.

    I'll sort it out on Notepad as I would have it published in a Hub with separate capsules dividing them with a few dashes (- - - - - -) so I can see the flow before I even claim the Hub URL.

    Then it's just a matter of picking the capsules in order and copying and pasting my content.

  6. Earth Angel profile image67
    Earth Angelposted 11 years ago

    Well I am going to have to speed things up a bit if I expect to get anywhere!! You guys are fast!! And I am still just learning to get the bells and whistles in the Hubs somewhere!! I write in WordPerfect first . . . and then let is sit a couple of days before I edit . . . and then . . . and then . . . In my next life I am coming back as you guys!! Blessings, Earth Angel!!

    P.S. Welcome aboard Vlad!! HubPages is a wonderful community of very helpful writers!!

    1. darkside profile image80
      darksideposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      There are some that I have on my trusty Palm for a while, adding a bit here and a bit there as I think of it.

      Do whatever works for you. As long as it works for you.

    2. Isabella Snow profile image86
      Isabella Snowposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      EA -  The entire process of writing an article (which I do in Word), finding relative media and then actually assembling it all into a hub takes me at least an hour - and on average I'd guess more like 1.5. So don't worry about how long it takes you. Speed is totally irrelevant to quality when it comes to hubbing.

  7. profile image0
    ericsomethingposted 11 years ago

    I usually don't take long myself; so used to writing quickly that it's second nature to me ... Then, some Hubs just write themselves, almost.

    I'm another one of those who uses a text editor (think Wordpad for all y'all Microsoft victims). If I'm not near a computer I'll write my first draft on paper. I'll usually key in the links while in the text editor (cut & paste rocks!). When ready to publish, then I'll cut and paste into the necessary capsules. I do my other blogs the same way; I prefer working off line and a text editor does not slow me down.

    Hadn't occurred to me to come up with the Amazon info at that point -- thanks Darkside for that idea. The advertising is usually the last thing that I do, and often I make it up as I go along.

    All told: Maybe a couple of hours to research and write the thing, and a half hour, tops, to slap it into HubPages.

  8. profile image0
    ericsomethingposted 11 years ago

    EarthAngel -- I wouldn't worry about how long it takes to write. I'm used to writing fast and on deadline. Even my editorial columns back in the day were scratched out in their entirety on a cocktail napkin, in one draft. (Gee, where was I when I wrote them? I'll never tell!)

    Remember the old Orson Welles ad? We will sell no wine before its time ...

  9. Catawn profile image58
    Catawnposted 11 years ago

    About an hour - two hours for me, depending. The tutorial ones take longer, putting the images together... but as mentioned before, time doesn't matter. Take as long as you need to get the quality you want. smile

  10. Jerrico Usher profile image55
    Jerrico Usherposted 11 years ago

    I have always blogged for free, I have always loved to write and whats funny is I'll write an email responding to a question, and one blog will turn into 3 or 4 subject matters (see my only published blog to see what I mean, I published it only to test the publishing process) I've always extracted my "teaching" modules in these emails to people, call them my inspiration to tap the resources of my unending need to learn more about how things work,  and saved them to word for future book writing or whatever, I never realized this was the application I needed lol.  So in doing this I've always kept my blogs, ideas and ranting on a 400 gig drive (amongst other creative projects).. and when I found out about this incredibly easy way to make money (well writing is the easy part the rest is a learning experience on its own I'm discovering!) make money with my blogs (which always seemed to captivate peoples attention, I have spent several days almost a week now combing the drive for all my writing, blogs, ideas and so forth, blogs too that are currently on my myspace page and so on..

      With all of this most of them being about 30 pages long and containing 4+ subjects I can extract and focus them down to one blog each (I've always had a hard time keeping my focus on one topic lol) I figure I have about 200 "Hubs" to potentially publish, and since their already written in some detail and pretty well written (I've always had a gift for first drafting something pretty well other than diverting to several different but related topics) so I figure once my adsense thing kicks in (if it ever gets there sheesh) I'll have enough work to publish to be ahead of the writing part of the game, and I can focus more on building them into high traffic hubs, networking for linkbacks and all that jazz.. if you have ever written a bunch of stuff and saved it your ripe for topics right there..

      I think It'll take me several weeks to consolidate down all the different blogs to one folder then to splinter the topics out of each one (to a not too long not too short but informative and focused blog/hub) so its kind of good that adsense it taking its sweet time in giving me access to the ad revenue portion of our show *smile*

      I'm going so far as to take comments and ideas I've found, come up with on the spot and so forth to generate new blogs, I love to write, addicted to it actually, but a blog usually takes me an hour to 8 hours to write and an hour to splinter off into focused segments.

      I have always turned questions in life any question from how does soap work to how did they do that special effect on tv into a research project.. I just lol, google the key words and the question and from that I read up (the fun part is discovery) then blog for several hours as I book report what I've learned so others dont have to go out and read for hours (whcih alot of people would rather not do, they want to the point answers which is out job here at the hub hehe)..

    Its amazing that we can turn our passions into money this way, I did this for no reason other than to share.. I felt compelled to learn and share.. a natural teacher its what drives me.. now I can make money doing it.. I can't wait to learn the ins and outs of this trade so I too can teach it like sunseven and the rest do.. its incredible that everyone is so willing to teach the secrets of the trade, I dont feel alot of competition, I feel unity, and its an amazing concept we got going here. I look forward to reading your hubs too, I've been scanning alot of them on the forums, quite an amazing learning environment as well as teaching, you can use hubs to find topics of intrest then you can turn around and google for more and teach it later.. amazing.. thank you guys for your hospitality, I know I'm new but I dont feel like a "newbie" I feel like this is a family of a sort.. pretty cool guys (and girls)..



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