Fleas, keeping warm during New England winters, refusing the litter box while in

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    mcwickposted 7 years ago

    Fleas, keeping warm during New England winters, refusing the litter box while inside.

    I have a MAine coon cat that this August just started going outside on his own. for a# of years,I walked him on a leash.  He LOVES being outside.  I am beginning to worry about many things: 1. he refuses to use the litter box in the middle of the night now that he goes outside. 2. Fleas.Is  Frontline enough?.I check him often, it looks like he has "flea dirt"   How do you keep him safe and fleas out of your house? 3. I bought him a dogloo  I have NEVER seen him use it.  4. I also worry about going away for night? Do I leave him out or keep him in even though he refuses the litter box?


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    Jean Nashposted 7 years ago


    You've gotten me thinking, so I'm going to write a Hub about fleas.  (It will take me a little bit to research & write it.)  For now, let me just say that I've used both Frontline & Advantage products and they are both good.  I would NOT use any "over-the-counter" products you could buy at Walmart or other stores.  My personal preference is to use both chemical (prescribed by a Vet) AND natural ways to eliminate fleas.

    The downside to a cat that's become used to the outside is they have the freedom to go to the "bathroom" where-ever they want.  Outside, this is not a problem...it's when they come inside, they might not remember the "rules" about using the litter box.  I'd suggest you gently remind him to use the litter box by lightly tapping his nose when you catch him "squatting" and hopefully BEFORE he actually goes.  Then, as calmly as possible, put him in his litter box.  The idea here is to give him as much positive reinforcement to use his litterbox inside.

    If you're overly concerned about leaving him outside all night when you're "away", then you might want to consider bringing him inside.  If he doesn't respond to my suggestion above on positive reinforcement, then you might want to consider putting him in a cat enclosure (cage) overnight.  Make sure he has food, fresh water & a small litterbox.  This would then allow you to know he won't go outside the litterbox, but I don't advise using the enclosure for an extended period of time.

    Hope this helps.