Hi, I wondered if you could help me? I just got a new bunny (about 3 weeks ago),

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    kayla02posted 7 years ago

    Hi, I wondered if you could help me? I just got a new bunny (about 3 weeks ago), he is 18 months...

    old and already neutered. He is toilet trained and goes in his cage mostly, however he has recently taken to jumping into bed with me while watching tv..although i like this and is a great way of bonding he gets settled and poos here (iv stopped him coming up since finding urine). I want him to keep joining me but its not ideal, do you have any advice on what to do and stop him from doing this? Thanks.

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    Beege215eposted 7 years ago

    do not leave food available for him all the time, feed him in the morning and late afternoon only. What he doesn't eat within 15 minutes, pick up and throw away.  The same is true for water, put it down, let him drink as much as he wants and pick it up. Water could be three times a day.  He should relieve himself within 30 minutes of eating and be good to go for a few hours after that, so you can leave him out and play with him for a while. Do not keep him away from his toilet more than an hour at a time.  You might put a bit of food and water in the cage after you put him down for the night, but again, not very much.  Rabbits can be cared for almost like a dog or cat in this regard.  They eat, they poop, they pee, they play, and they sleep. Usually in that order.