where clown fish live

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    mrdean22posted 7 years ago

    where clown fish live

    what they eat  what type of water do they live in

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    finaticsposted 7 years ago

    In the wild, they live in coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian ocean. They catch most of their food from their host, the anemone, which catches the prey and lets the clownfish feed on the remains. 

    In the aquarium, they can be fed in many different forms of food, and don't rely on anemones.

    If you plan on owning clown fish, make sure to do TONS of research before you get them, because fish are a lot of work!

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    PirateFXposted 6 years ago

    They are all saltwater, they eat what they can find around their anemone host. Without their hosts, their survival rate in the wild plunges. The reverse is true for specific anemones that host clownfish.

    As for where they're found? Depends on the species. They are all tropical however. The vast majority of clownfish in the marine aquarium market are all harvested from South East Asia for dirt cheap. Companies set up collection centers and pay the locals peanuts to dive in for them. By the time it reaches NA and Europe the price would have risen at least ten fold.

    The rarest clownfish in the world are Mcculochi's clownfish and the Latezonatus Clown (both Australian, banned from collection) and the Oman Clownfish (As the the name suggests, from Oman, the resident Sultan has banned collection).