traing for blue heeler and coker spaniels mix

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    hillbilly boyposted 7 years ago

    traing for blue heeler and coker spaniels mix

    i have a cocker spaniel and blue heller and i was wonder the best way to train and treat the two breds together??? i know both the breds need a lot of exercise and if you think it would be a loyal dog for my 3 year old son

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    wychicposted 7 years ago

    Heelers especially need not only a lot of exercise, but also a lot of mental stimulation. These dogs are excellent working dogs, and they have been selectively bred for their love of working -- if they don't have it, they will find ways to keep themselves occupied, which often includes chewing and digging things that they shouldn't. I wrote a much more detailed article on their temperament for the blog on, and personally they would be one of my last choices for a child's pet. Especially for a 3-year-old, something that's a bit lower-energy and more content to just play and then curl up on someone's feet at the end of the day would probably be best. If the cocker spaniel side is dominant, then this dog might work out -- if not, there could definitely be issues.