Potty training a 13 week old dachshund puppy

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    KIMBER11posted 7 years ago

    Potty training a 13 week old dachshund puppy

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    Scribenetposted 7 years ago

    I am no expert, but I have had pets since childhood. Puppies pee at certain intervals and while very young puppies can't seem to control the process,  you can take them outside when they wake up, finished eating or drinking. Most likely there will be a puddle.

    Great amounts of praise and pats on the head are recommended.

    If accidents happen inside, don't make a fuss, just clean up...they are "in training"... mistakes happen!

    As the puppy gets older, it makes an association, that peeing is done outside, besides it gets lots of praise. Plenty of patience is required.There will be a point where puppy starts asking to go out to go potty. Each puppy is different.  Happy potty training!