Bunny Behavior problem? Need to spray or neutered?

  1. winniecarrot34 profile image56
    winniecarrot34posted 6 years ago

    Bunny Behavior problem? Need to spray or neutered?

    my 4months old male Lionhead bunny seems to afraid of anything. He was take care by me since he was 1month. Recently, I went on a 2 week trip and left him with my friend who has a dog. I told my friend not to let him outside of his cage but she didn't listen and let him out together with her dog. Now, I got him back home,he got scare of any sounds or any movements I made,and he doesn't remember me at all. He eats and poo well.I found out that he groom himself a lot than normal and just lay down in his cage, not active like before anymore.He forgot the tricks, litter training and everything.

  2. rsully13 profile image65
    rsully13posted 6 years ago

    I think you've answered your own question.  That time of being away from your home, your rules and your environment has taken a toll on your bunny.  He needs to get used to that environment again, first of all, and then will need to just acclimate to the rules that you have for him (litter training).  His behavior might be changed, but that is probably due to a personality rather than a hormonal change.  He is only 4 months old, which is young enough for things to take a heavy toll on him.  If he was scared of the dog, you may never be able to get him to be a carefree bunny again.  Most of the time after one bad experience an animal will become scared or aggressive.  Prey animals will have a harder time breaking out of this pattern as their survival depends upon it! 

    Just give him time, let him have his own space, and be slow and quiet around him.