Does fish sleep also like us?

  1. Ricio Cis profile image36
    Ricio Cisposted 6 years ago

    Does fish sleep also like us?

  2. allaboutseo profile image59
    allaboutseoposted 6 years ago

    hehehhe funny question fish also sleep but not like is sleeps in water.............

  3. TropiCoaqua profile image86
    TropiCoaquaposted 6 years ago

    They do sleep,not like the way we do or animals do. Fish dont have eyelids ( you would have noticed that by now:-) Fish sleep by remaining stationary, their movements will slow down completely,some of them will settle down on a spot on the aquarium floor and be absolutely still.You will notice this behaviour when you switch on the lights in the room,while the aquarium lights are off. When you switch on the aquarium lights,it takes the fish sometime to get oriented and active again. So if you do notice this behaviour,dont get alarmed...they are probably having a nice dream. So,do fish dream? Well,that's another question...can't answer that:-)