I saw your article on the outdoor cat litter box. We are looking at building on

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    inkeraposted 6 years ago

    I saw your article on the outdoor cat litter box.  We are looking at building one, and had a few ?'s

    As we are looking to have a kitty door to an outdoor enclosed kitty litter box ~ we were wondering if 1) does nature self-clean?  2) is there much odor after a few years of use?  3)  what happens in winter?  4) any additional advice welcome smile

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    nifty@50posted 6 years ago

    Thanks inkera for your interest & post! To a certain extent nature does self clean it's self and depending on how far from your dwelling will depend on how much of a potential odor problem you may have. Raking out the box weekly and replenishing the oil dry as needed will go a long way to solving any odor problems. If odor persists try using a deodorizer for the litter box, such as Arm & Hammer. Discard the leavings by placing them in plastic shopping bags and putting in the trash or burying them in the yard. If snow is heavy in your region, constructing a slanted roof to keep out the snow is advisable( just insure it is sturdy & well constructed). Hope these tips help! Best of luck!