Environmental Pollution Effects on Animals

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    aiyana01posted 8 years ago

    Effects of Pollution on Animals - Air Pollution
    •    Acid rain  destroys fish life in lakes and streams
    •    Excessive ultraviolet radiation may cause skin cancer in wildlife
    •    Ozone in the lower atmosphere may damage lung tissues of animals
    Effects of Pollution on Animals - Water Pollution
    •    Nutrient pollution (nitrogen, phosphates etc) causes overgrowth of toxic algae eaten by other aquatic animals, and may cause death.
    •    Chemical contamination can cause declines in frog biodiversity and tadpole mass.
    •    Oil pollution can negatively affect development of marine organisms can also cause gastrointestinal irritation, liver and kidney damage, and damage to the nervous system
    •    Mercury in water can cause abnormal behavior, slower growth and development, reduced reproduction, and death
    •    Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) may cause declines, deformities and death of fish life
    •    Too much sodium chloride (ordinary salt) in water may kill animals
    Effects of Pollution on Animals - Soil Pollution 
    •    Can alter metabolism of microorganisms and arthropods in a given soil environment; this may destroy some layers of the primary food chain, and thus have a negative effect on predator animal species
    •    Small life forms may consume harmful chemicals which may then be passed up the food chain to larger animals; this may lead to increased mortality rates and even animal extinction.

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    This looks like it would make a great hub.