Would we be prepared?

  1. mistyp4 profile image60
    mistyp4posted 5 years ago

    Would we be prepared?

    If animals were given the ability to speak for just one day,  would the human race be prepared for what they would have to say?


  2. Bob Bamberg profile image95
    Bob Bambergposted 5 years ago

    Yes, I think so, but we probably wouldn't like all that they'd have to say.  The creatures of the rainforest, as we might expect,  would likely warn us about habitat destruction (perhaps this time we'd listen), and fresh water denizens would complain that we're polluting their habitats.  Woodland creatures would nail us for encroaching upon and fractionalizing their territories.  We'd get our comeuppance, but it would be worth hearing it "straight from the horse's mouth," free from the fog of politics. 

    Our pets would probably verbalize their unconditional love for us while at the same time putting in a plug for shelter animals and products of puppy mills.  Maybe they would finally explain such behaviors as coprophagia, grass eating, separation anxiety, self-trauma such as compulsive licking and gnawing, thunder phobia, and other things that we consider negative to the relationship.

    Interesting question, mistyp4.  I bet it will elicit equally interesting answers from many perspectives.

  3. Melissa A Smith profile image98
    Melissa A Smithposted 5 years ago

    Well since you're photo depicts a dog, I imagine a conversation with a dog would go something like this:

    Dog: "Hi! Let's go out and play!"
    Human: "You were abused in the past, how do you feel about that?"
    Dog: "Let's go out!! Let's find that ball! Oh what's that smell? I think there's food particles on your shirt"
    Human: "No, I'm asking you to comment about how you feel about the human race"
    Dog: "Noise outside! Be right back"

    What would animals 'say'? Things that are relevant to their species. Unlike humans, they don't dwell in the past or reflect on the existence of other species. Even the dog in your photo, which I presume has been rescued, would not have an ill opinion of humans because of the neglect of one. They might retain some PTS-like fear of a specific gender or objects, but I doubt they are aware as to why.

    However, if an animal could speak to us like a human do with each other, that would essentially not make the animal the species that it was.