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How to ask some on a date and what to do before asking

  1. mike89311 profile image60
    mike89311posted 4 years ago

    How to ask some on a date and what to do before asking

    i have a girl at my school, I like to ask her  out, but don't know how to start or begin.

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    sheilamyersposted 4 years ago

    First, asking her out at all depends on if you know each other fairly well. By this I mean do you talk to each other? Do you know at least a little about each other? If not, she may not feel comfortable going anywhere with you until she gets a better idea who you are. If you talk and know each other, start with something little. I always appreciate when the guy asking for a first date wants to do something simple like meeting somewhere for coffee and dessert. It's nice to be together and chit-chat to start feeling comfortable with each other. After that, build up a little at a time. Next time, maybe a movie (or something else she likes to do) and then eating afterward.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 4 years ago

    I'm not sure why you asked this question under the category of pets and animals but I'm going to assume your question refers to a human being. :-)
    The great thing about the school environment is you have (time) to gradually get to know someone. You start off by smiling and saying hello when your paths cross.
    About a week or two later you might introduce yourself.
    "I see you around all the time but I don't think we've officially met. My name is Mike (extend your hand while saying) and you are?"
    Reference something you heard about at the school or ask her a question that is school related. After she answers tell her to have a good day.
    If she is not in any of your classes make it a point (not to see her) for a few days or a week or so. The next time you see her greet her by name and ask her how things are going. Chat for a minute or two and tell her you have to get going; "Take care". Avoid her for another week.
    The next time you "run into her" greet her by name and ask her (very casual like) if she has any lunch plans. If you feel nervous about it then tell her you're working on a project regarding dating and relationships. "Would you be willing to help me out by letting me interview you?" "Lunch is my treat." (smile)
    Note: If you use the interview lie make sure you do some google searches or come up with a list of 25 -30 dating/relationship questions and bring them with you.
    If she says yes you have an opportunity to ask her questions like "Are you currently seeing someone?" "Have you ever been in love?" "How do you know when someone loves you?" "What are your deal breakers?"....and so on.
    (Remember to interject your sense of humor and see if there is any chemistry between you). If you hit it off tell her at the end of the interview (thank her ) and tell her that you'd like to take her out on a "real date"  sometime if that's okay. If she says no to the interview or the date don't take it personal. At your age your should keep your options open and pursue multiple prospects!
    Best wishes!

  4. PoeticPhilosophy profile image80
    PoeticPhilosophyposted 4 years ago

    I got a few hubs on this subject but I'll give a few tips. FIrst off, don't think about asking her out. 2nd, talk to her. 3rd don't think about it just be spontaneous. All you need to know.

  5. Borsia profile image45
    Borsiaposted 4 years ago

    Remember that you get only 1 chance at a first impression so don't try some foolish pick-up line or try to be witty.
    If you have any common interests there is the place to start but whether you do or don't it is pretty simple.
    Walk up to her in some place that doesn't put either of you "on the spot".
    Introduce yourself and ask if you might be able to have lunch or something equally benign together. Tell her that you would like to get to know her better.
    After that the ball is in her court. Don't demand an instant answer just ask her and go about your business.
    Its best not to be over eager act like it is no big deal either way.