Why does my male cat love kittens but terrorize them when they grow up?

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    kineticpoetposted 4 years ago

    Why does my male cat love kittens but terrorize them when they grow up?

    I've had a lovely tuxedo cat for 3 years (I got him as a kitten). I've since added 3 kittens to my 'pride'. He is the most loving creature to me, to the kittens... he will clean them and plays gentle and dotes on them and brings them toys... but now I have one that is a year old and he gets her to the point of hissing, squealing and hiding (he has drawn blood). He did this with an older cat I adopted and had to re-home him because my resident cat was so aggressive with him.

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    sheilamyersposted 4 years ago

    I can think of a few reasons, two of which are based on me reading your explanation as you had the older male and a few kittens and then introduced the year old female.

    1) He views the kittens as his and is trying to keep the year old away from what he considers his babies. He may be viewing her as some type of threat to the younger ones for some reason.
    2) He has already established himself as the alpha of the pride and if the female makes any gestures to indicate she wants to be in charge, the male will do whatever he has to keep his position as the alpha of the pride.
    3) As with humans, there are just some people who get on our nerves so he may have some cat reason for not liking her. Some animals simply don't like other individual animals for some reason and we, as humans, will probably never understand why.