What's your opinion on owning exotic animals as pets?

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  1. Caitlyn Ramos profile image82
    Caitlyn Ramosposted 9 years ago

    What's your opinion on owning exotic animals as pets?

    What's your opinion on people owning exotic pets? Is it right or wrong or somewhere in between?
    Also, what animals do you think are considered "exotic"?

  2. Ghaaz B profile image65
    Ghaaz Bposted 9 years ago

    There are about 4 different angles I could approach this question from.

    It's weird if it's ownership, first of all. If you just own an animal, and that's how you define the relationship, it's weird. But if it's a real bond, an evolutionary relationship, for example, such as humans/wolves, or even a barnacle on a whale, then it's great!

    Second, you need to understand your roll in the relationship. You are the provider and caregiver; this entails responsibility, but again, not ownership. If you don't have the means to provide and care for the animal, no good.

    Third, If you mistreat your animals, go ahead and say so.. we'll see if I can't get to your IP somehow. :p

    And last, if you are owning an animal to breed/profit from it, you are creating many problems for the world. Stop!

    You'll noticed I ignored the "exotic" part; this is mostly because I don't think it's relevant. If you meet the criteria above, you should be able to have any animal you like.

    1. Caitlyn Ramos profile image82
      Caitlyn Ramosposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you completely, I used the word "owning" for a lack of a better word. Saying adopting would change the meaning of the question. I have two chinchillas and I love them, they're my babies. People don't seem to understand that. Thanks!

  3. girlgamers profile image73
    girlgamersposted 9 years ago

    I think that as long as it's legal in your area, you're able to provide the appropriate time and care they need, and can afford the extra expense of the exotic animal vet visits, then why not.  I personally adopted a few exotic reptiles, and have rehomed a wide expanse of exotic animals through my rescue, and think they're all wonderful.  Plus it's great to teach children about the differences between cats and dogs and exotics like ferrets, chinchillas, snakes, etc.  They always seem to pay a bit closer attention when it's an animal they haven't seen before, plus it's great to get them off the fear stigma while they're young, and they can teach their children, and so on, instead of parents being afraid of a snake or lizard, so the child fears it for no reason other than the parent does.  My only thing that I would like to point out is to do your research before purchasing any animal, but especially an exotic.  They're a lot more fragile, and require different types of care, handling, and knowledge.  Don't just buy a ferret because it's cute without first understanding their behaviors, needs, and draw backs. Don't buy a baby reticulated python because it's pretty and really sweet without first knowing that it will grow longer than a bus and eat prey items up to the size of a goat.  Don't buy a hairless cat without first finding out the skin care necessary, as well as a vet that sells the proper animal sunblock for times spent in windows or on outside walks. ALWAYS research before buying.

  4. Shaddie profile image76
    Shaddieposted 9 years ago

    "Exotic" is technically any animal that is not a cat, dog, or common farm animal (such as a horse, cow, or chicken). Animals such as snakes, tropical fish, conures, foxes, skunks, servals, and tree frogs are all considered exotic pets.

    Being that I am an exotic pet owner, I feel very strongly that it is not "wrong" to own an exotic any more than it is "wrong" to own a dog or a cat. Appropriate pet ownership is something that should be celebrated and enjoyed passionately. Pets make our lives worth living due to the joy, excitement, beauty, and comfort they can bring. There is something soothing about being able to care for an animal, and the satisfaction of knowing you are properly caring for an exotic is sometimes even greater due to the fact that many exotics have difficult husbandry requirements. To meet the needs of a difficult to keep animal is immensely gratifying for me.

    All pet animals had their roots somewhere. All pets were once "exotic." It isn't fair to assume that people who want to keep snakes or birds are cruel, while people who keep dogs and goats are perfectly normal. Dogs are descended from the ancestors of wolves, who traveled in packs and killed animals for survival, and fought in the mud for sport. Is it therefore "wrong" to keep a pet dog in doors in a lavish home with plush bedding, simply because that differs from what they would experience in the wild? Is it wrong to confine a horse to a pasture and feed it every day instead of letting it roam for hundreds of miles across a vast expanse of arid terrain, weathering famine, floods, predators, and even lightning bolts? After all, that's what wild horses do!

    Exotic pet ownership is right for responsible pet owners, just like dog ownership is right for people who understand and are capable of fulfilling a dog's required needs. There is little difference.

  5. B M Gunn profile image60
    B M Gunnposted 8 years ago

    I think that as long as a person can provide the Five Freedoms for the animal they wish to care for, and they make sure it was obtained ethically, than they should be able to.

    Five Freedoms
    -Freedom from hunger and thirst
    -Freedom from discomfort
    -Freedom from pain, injury, and illness
    -Freedom to express natural behaviour
    -Freedom from fear and distress

    As long as you can adequately provide these freedoms to whatever animal you want, be it a snake, hedgehog, or even monkey, then go right ahead.


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