How do you build a rabbit hutch?

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    Ivymaraposted 3 years ago

    How do you build a rabbit hutch?

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    Kirsty Oposted 3 years ago

    I don't know where you live but if you are able to buy NIC cubes you can make a rabbit condo from them which is great because you can totally customise it to make sure your bun has enough space but still make it fit in with the space you have. Its quite expensive to get them here in the UK but I know they are cheaper in other countries, particularly America. If you google either 'NIC rabbit condo' or 'C&C rabbit condo' you should get some pictures to see what I mean and be able to buy the cubes.

    You can also build a more traditional wooden hutch if you prefer, just make sure your bunny has enough space. Most, if not all commercially available hutches are far too small for a rabbit so make sure its bigger than those.

    Another option is an x-pen which are a lot cheaper if you type 'rabbit playpen' into amazon you should find some really cheap ones. I paid somewhere around £20 for mine and as you can see from the photo its pretty huge. In there just now is Bramble the bunny (obviously he is in there) his litter tray, his big cat tunnel, a shoe box full of hay, his blanket and his food bowl and he still has a decent amount of room to run about.