My betta is about 3 years old and healthy and I am just curious why he does some

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    MomInMOposted 18 months ago

    My betta is about 3 years old and healthy and I am just curious why he does something...

    I change his water weekly using the bettta safe drops.  When I first change his water, he is really active and swims around all over the bowl.  The last few days of the week, he stays at the bottom of the bowl with his nose in the rocks most of the time.  I always know it's time to change his water when he starts doing this and am just curious what it is in the water that is making him do this?

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    watertiger21posted 18 months ago

    There could be several reasons:

    1. The water could be too cold normally, and he is more active when you change the water because it's warmer. Betta fish are tropical fish and require a small aquarium heater to keep their water warm enough (about 78 degrees Fahrenheit).

    2. Your betta could be getting sick from a natural substance called ammonia. When fish go to the bathroom they excrete ammonia, which is highly-toxic. In the wild, a fish doesn't need to worry about their waste being toxic because the stuff gets diluted by the large volume of water the fish lives in, and then different types of bacteria naturally living in the water break ammonia down into a less toxic form. This is called the nitrogen cycle. Ideally, people who have pet fish want to have the nitrogen cycle set up and going in their aquarium (this is what filters are for and the process is called cycling). Cycling is unfortunately impossible to do in a small bowl, which is why, contrary to popular belief, betta fish do better when kept in a filtered, heated aquarium that is at least 2.5 gallons. If your betta is suffering from ammoina toxicity, then you need to change the water more often.

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      MomInMOposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks!  I was thinking it might be ammonia, but just wasn't sure.  I know it isn't the temperature because I prepare his water the day before and let it set out so it is exactly the same when he gets it.  2x/wk changes would probably be better!