How to treat weepy tumor on my dogs side

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    Sharon1942posted 17 months ago

    How to treat weepy tumor on my dogs side

    He is collie & golden,about 14, had him 11 yrs, was rescue.Over 4 years & 3 different vets told a small growth size of pea not to worry as very few are cancerous,said no need to worry.There 3 tiny pin holes that leaked very, never seemed to bother him, on his side above front leg, weighs 50 lbs.Weight stayed same last few years. 3 months ago took to vet as hair was so matted from fluid it had to be cut to see tumor and nicked him with shears.Now has erupted to size 3",vet asked about putting him down.Had 2nd opinion, both put him on antibiotics. infec smells awful, now using aloe plant I have.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    You need to take this dog to a different veterinarian in case it could be sewn up. I don't even know if aloe is safe for a dog.