My 12 1/2 week old blue nose pit ate a whole chicken carcus ( the cooked kind f

  1. Jennifer Leal profile image60
    Jennifer Lealposted 17 months ago

    My 12 1/2  week old blue nose pit ate a whole chicken carcus ( the cooked kind from wall mart).

    She looked like she was about to give birth. Later age threw up a few small bones later still the rubber band and  few smaller bones. None since and been three days now. She has watery dark and lighter diahrrea sometimes with solid mass but no bones still gurgling stomach smelly gas. She ate a little dry puppy chow some water been playful but a little lithargic at times body felt Warmer than usual. Vet did say they found blood in stool before they gave her back to me untested and treated since I couldn't afford their estimate. ( I understand didn't like it but understand) need some advice quic

  2. poppyr profile image99
    poppyrposted 17 months ago

    First of all, what made you think it was a good idea to give your dog an entire chicken to eat, including the bones? That's a good way to poison your poor pet.

    As for helping it, according to The Fun Times Guide, feed your dog some cooked rice (completely cooled) and a little bread to try and ease the passing of the bones. Low salt chicken broth also helps. Hopefully he'll be okay in a few days.

    Please keep all chickens away from your dog next time.

  3. DrMark1961 profile image100
    DrMark1961posted 17 months ago

    Jennifer, feeding a dog a chicken carcass is not a good idea, but as we all know, these things do happen. Go to my profile page and near the top of the list of hubs there is an article about "Does your dog need to go to the vet after eating a chicken bone?" There are some directions on how to make up bulk laxatives for your dog and help her pass the bones.
    Poppy┬┤s suggestion may not be enough. As she mentions, however, you do need to keep your dog away from cooked chicken bones in the future.
    Take care of him. If you need any more help just add a comment to this and I will reply as soon as possible. It is raining hard this afternoon so I should be inside most of the day.