Canine parvoviral enteritis

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    davidkalugeposted 13 months ago

    Canine parvoviral enteritis

    Canine parvoviral enteritis is deadly disease of pets. However I noticed that some dogs do better even under minimum medical support while others do not survive even when they get better medical help: Then does the survival has to do with the strain of the virus implicated in the disease or the host immune system? ,

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    Diana Leeposted 12 months ago

    I had a five month old Jack Russel mix get the Parvo virus back in 2002. He was colored like a German Shepard and at first glance the vet thought he was a Shepard mix and said the pup was much too young to survive if he was only a few weeks old. I told him he was a few months old and he was not a Shepard mix, but a Jack Russell mix pup. The vet said, survival chance was much better on a dog the older he gets and most don't get it past 2 years old. Three days at the vet clinic with IVs did the trick. My fury friend lived to be thirteen years old. I learned my lesson. Those puppy shots are important.
    The immune system would likely be stronger with age, so this could be the answer.